The Medium Agnostic Approach

The challenges we’ve faced over the past few years have changed the business landscape. We’ve been forced to re-evaluate and re-examine how we’ve done business in the past. And individually, we’ve been challenged to test each and every process we’ve established to ensure it’s still the right decision for the new economy.

I’ve always felt it’s my job to provide information—content—to my readers and subscribers in whatever format they wish to receive it. In the past, that has primarily been through the printed page and website. As technology evolved, it opened up other routes through which we can deliver content, such as our eBook publications and our Weekly Update eNewsletter.

Even more recently, we’ve expanded into other mediums including video, blogs, and social media. For instance, we just launched a five-part Executive Interview video series. During ISA, we interviewed industry executives and over the course of five weeks are pushing this unique video series into the market. By using Twitter and LinkedIn, we’re forming communities around the WFI brand, encouraging readers to take part, to “join the conversation,” instead of just reading about what’s going on in the industry.

In a way, it’s a medium agnostic approach to content. If you want to view WFI’s content digitally, you can. If you prefer print, you can get your issues in the mail like you always have. If you want to watch video content, that’s available, too. Looking for a product? Along with our sister publications—Quick Printing and Printing News—we rolled out a new Online Buyers’ Guide and Product Guide at There you can search for any product in the graphic arts market and request information in real time. And if you want to get content on your phone—well, we’re developing an app for that.

In some ways this could be an approach PSPs might benefit from. What is your core mission? To print? No, not anymore. Now, you’re a full-service marketing communication company providing your clients with database management services, mailing and fulfillment services, marketing expertise for a wide variety of media—including the Internet, social media, and all avenues of print. Print buyers want you to help them with all aspects of an advertising campaign, from developing print ads, direct mail pieces, and wide-format graphics—all of which can integrate QR codes—to creating mobile/text advertising campaigns, interactive video, websites, or even a Facebook page.

You need to provide your client with all the possible avenues to reach their customers—however they wish to receive that information. Are you set up to provide all those services? Are you medium agnostic or are you “stuck” in a print-centric world? Remember, if you’re not providing all these new services, you can be sure someone else is.

The business world is changing. Are you?