Editor's Note: Lazy Days of Summer

I don't know about you, but I'm ready for summer to be over already. New York has been hit by unseasonably hot weather this year and I think I've officially had enough 90+ days. The summer issues of Wide-Format Imaging, though, seem to be taking the weather in stride—and maybe even turning it up a notch.

In the July 2010 eBook, we start off the issue with a look at the wide- and grand-format ink market. Ink executives weighed in on the current state of the market as well as how things might look 12 months down the line. Additionally, they also answered several questions posed in the Wide-Format Imaging LinkedIn Community—content only included in this edition of the publication.

In "A World of Panes", Jeff Steele talks with several PSPs which specialize in window graphics about the challenges and rewards in this very prominent market niche.

The next two articles take a turn and focus on some of the hardware in the market—engineering printers and copiers and automated finishing equipment. In both markets, the technological advancements have helped to push the boundaries of the industry. This technology has really given those PSPs who have taken advantage of it a leg up on their competitors.

Additionally, this eBook has a special section on Sustainability. We focus on three pieces of the equation in this section: media selection, the business of green, and the environmentally-friendly ink market.

SGIA's Marci Kinter and consultant Mike Horsten discuss the challenges in sourcing wide-format sustainable media. They tackle some of the difficult questions—and what it really means to PSPs. They also discuss greenwashing and the real difficulties PSPs face when trying to sort through all the marketing hype to get to the actual truth in the various industry certifications.

In "The Business of Green", Océ North America's Marcee Joyce highlights several green reprographers firms in North America to discuss how they have made sustainability an essential part of their businesses. In many ways, these companies have redefined what it means to print green and have been able to maintain customer loyalty and capture market share—something all shops are looking to do, especially in these tough economic times.

Finally, Charles Spear from Pira International gives us an overview of the expanding environmentally-friendly ink market and discusses some of the niches with the highest growth opportunities.

As summer continues its scorching march across the country, kick back with a tall ice tea and the latest issue of WFI.