Selecting Signs to Promote Your Booth

Selecting signs to promote your both is a simple task, all you have to do is clarify your Need, consider your surroundings and finally, make sure your sign selection is indeed adding value to your booth.

First, consider the Need - what are the benefits you wish to receive from the signs in your booth; what are they intended for:

  • Draw visitors into the booth?
  • Serve as a beckon for easy recognition of the booth's location?
  • Describe a process or a product?
  • Present a list of benefits your product/service offers?
  • Present a list of store locations?


In order for the signs to be beneficial you have to derive a clear strategy using the 5W's:  

Who is the sign intended for? What is the sign suppose to achieve? When should the sign be visible to visitors? Where should I locate the signs? Why do I even need them? Once you have all the answers filled out you will be ready to face the 6thW question– Which sign frame should I select?

There are three main categories in the indoor wayfinding industry: custom-made, modular and MCFT. The first two are self-explanatory, but the third requires a quick review, as the Modular Curved Frame Technology (MCFT) market is a relatively new market based on the need to fill the gap between custom fabricated sign systems and modular sign systems resulting in a flexible, eco-friendly solution.

Now that you have created a strategy by answering the 5W's and have selected which system you wish to work with, it is time to consider your surroundings. There are several important aspects to consider:


  • Find out what is offered by the exhibition organizers. For instance, will the booth number be an actual frame sign or a printed sheet taped on to the side of your booth, do they offer onsite solutions for your in-booth signage requirements, etc.
  • Study the rules & regulations published by the organizers to make sure the signs you select are not in violation. For instance: Are their height limitations? Can you hang signs from the ceiling? Can you mount sign frames onto the provided booth walls? Etc.
  • Study your floor plan and decide where you should place signs and what size they should be in order to be most attractive without taking away from the product/service you are presenting.

Finally, it is your responsibility to make sure the signs are adding value. Start off by making sure your sign do NOT become an obstacle preventing easy access to your booth, i.e. keep the pathways clear. Next, if you have included pylons (i.e. tower/totem signs) in your floor design—make sure you have room for them inside your booth, as show organizers are very strict on having the isle ways clear. Also, you have to keep in mind that you will not be allowed to mount them to the floor, so you have to have them built on an extra wide basis to prevent an accident. Similarly, if you intend to have flashing lights of any sort, you should make sure that they are welcoming/attractive and not blinding/irritating. Similar restrictions and considerations exist for each sign element you include in your design and it is your job to figure out the advantages and disadvantages of each solution considered.

Accordingly, you should probably consult a sign manufacturer who will be willing to assist you with your design needs and who has exhibition experience. When it comes to locating the supplier or sign system you wish to work with > select a sign manufacturer and system which have experience and can provide you with booth the products you need and the consultation you require.

One final word of advice, review your strategy and booth drawing one more time before you submit it and considers the following question: Are your signs drawing attention from your product? Your biggest mistake will be to have an amazing booth which is attractive, trendy and eye-catching which draws all the attention away from your product/service you are actually promoting. Don't get me wrong, the booth should be amazing, but only in a way that contributes to brand awareness, creates interest in your product and leaves a memorable impression. We want people walking away thinking about your product and not just how amazing your booth looked or how tasty the refreshments were.