Status of Printing Market, Offered with Lunch

Print industry guru Frank Romano says he has been to every GRAPH EXPO since they began and has presented at all of them. “You can flip my photos and watch my hairline recede,” Romano says, only half jokingly. The RIT professor emeritus has two sessions of interest to the printing industry.

On Monday, October 4, at 12:15 p.m., catch Romano’s lunch session on the “Status of Printing in the U.S.,” where he will dissect the seismic forces affecting print volumes and production. He will cover changes in industry demographics, technology upheaval, and a “fearless” prediction of the future.

This 90-minute session, sponsored by HP, offers food and food for thought, including changes rippling through creative and print buying and affecting all parts of the print value chain. He also identifies characteristics of those firms that will survive and prosper.

Romano’s crystal ball

On Tuesday, October 5, at 8:30 a.m., showgoers can hear Romano discuss the “Future of the Printed Product.” He tackles questions such as, “What will the printing industry look like, in terms of firms and equipment use, over the next decade?” and, “Which products will disappear and which will flourish?”

Romano will divide print into 13 categories and then sub-divide them into product segments, describing each in terms of electronic competition, off-shoring, digital applications ,and more. “Follow the printed products and you follow the printing industry,” Romano says. It may not be a pretty sight for some, but it may help you understand what one of the most knowledgeable industry observers sees on the horizon. It’s the future print world, according to Romano.