Putting a Quantifiable Price Tag on Ideas

"What’s an idea worth?” is the question Joe Truncale wants printers to ponder when they consider how they’re going to reinvest in their business next year. How do you put a quantifiable price tag on ideas? Truncale, president and CEO of the National Association for Printing Leadership (NAPL), says it’s all about return on investment (ROI). Show Daily asked Truncale to elaborate:

SD: Why should a print firm owner invest between $800 and $1,200 in annual NAPL membership dues, especially in this ‘iffy’ economy?

JT: The answer is two-fold. There are the dollars, yes, the cost: $66 per month for companies with less than 25 employees, and $100 monthly for larger firms with more than 25 employees. So you have to ask yourself if what you will get from NAPL pays for itself. We think so. But there’s also an investment of time on the member’s part. To get what you’re paying for, you need to take a look at our information resources—read, network, call for advice, and talk to other printers.

SD: Is there anything new at NAPL?

JT: We have a brand new tool, which we’re demonstrating here at GRAPH EXPO (Booth #2261), called “WorkPlan for Success.” It’s a deep dive into several business categories, from production management, sales and marketing to organizational structure and human resources management. It’s a comprehensive program that builds on our Management Plus System. We answer questions such as how to evaluate investment opportunities and use financial data to guide your decisions, and how to make sales meetings more effective. If you feel your compensation system is lacking, we can help there, too, and also if you’re thinking of reconfiguring your plant to make it more efficient.

SD: Is there anything else that you’d like show-goers to know about NAPL and its benefits?

JT: All across the country, hear the same refrains from printers, large and small: “Our margins are squeezed.” “Printing has been commoditized.” “It’s harder to keep customers.” “It’s harder to turn a profit.” Print businesses need to be transformed. The good news is that it can be done. But there’s more to it than just saying you’re going to be a ‘marketing services provider.’ It’s about having a different kind of conversation with your customers and how you interface with them. The way printers approach their customers really needs to change, fundamentally—and not just marketing but the sales approach, too. NAPL and our vast resources can help you get your arms around all that and turn things around.