manroland Users Take in Windy City

The manroland Users Group (MANRUG) held its annual conference in Chicago in conjunction with GRAPH EXPO 2010. The meeting took place on Saturday, October 2.

Founded in 2003, the MAN Roland Users Group is open to users of manroland web offset printing presses in North and South America. Its annual conference provides a way for its users, who are predominantly newspaper professionals, to network, share operational experiences and best practices, and meet with vendors.

“Due to the economy, the MAN Roland Users Group had not been able to meet in the past couple of years. In order to be functional and provide full value, though, our group really needs to have its members meet and talk face-to-face,” explains Mel Balch, operations director at the Mobile Press-Register and board member of the MAN Roland Users Group. “Holding our annual conference at GRAPH EXPO 2010 made sense for multiple reasons. It’s centrally located, and a number of user sites are within driving distance of the show. Because manroland is headquartered in the suburbs of Chicago, and a lot of our support vendors will also already be at the show, our members will have quick access to their vendors. Finally, with the launch of the newspaper pavilion this year, GRAPH EXPO has a much stronger newspaper side-it’s become a better show for newspaper professionals to attend.”