Maximizing Technology Capabilities

Print providers not only need to maintain but grow volume, uncover new opportunities, and ultimately increase profits with less time, fewer personnel and less margin for error. The most successful companies have identified the right technology that best meets their needs.

How can you make sense of all the choices to find the most opportunities for your business?


Offset, digital or both?

Xerox believes digital printing will become the predominant technology, but there will always be a place for offset. Technological advances have eliminated the concern that digital can’t meet offset quality with high value applications like high end sales collateral and personalized direct marketing—which are being printed with digital technology.

Long-run print jobs will continue to be produced on offset, but with the increasing desire for personalized communication, digital printing becomes the technology of choice. Print providers have the flexibility to choose the print process for each job, whether that be digital or offset or a combination of both.


Applications, technologies?

Offset printing has an advantage for applications such as magazines, newspapers, stationery and long-run books. Digital printing offers clear advantages for just in time production of print jobs such as short-run digital books, transactional print jobs with integrated marketing messages, cross-media direct-mail campaigns, and personalized collateral.

As the market demands increase for shorter runs, faster turnarounds, more personalization and less warehousing, digital offers distinct advantages.


Digital & offset can coexist

Digital and offset will coexist well into the future, each chosen based on its strength for specific applications. Many applications are best suited for a combination of the two—such as a digitally printed, personalized color book cover that is added to an offset printed book.


The inkjet factor

Production inkjet technology will open up opportunities for companies looking to expand capabilities with direct mail and transpromo. Inkjet provides higher speeds and lower running costs. New revenue streams are essential for print providers to sustain and expand their customer base and continue to innovate.

There are numerous factors to consider when deciding between digital, offset, and inkjet. It’s not all about the hardware. Printer should partner with vendors who offer software to optimize hardware investments, ongoing support and business development services—regardless of the technology employed.