Easy Decision is the Right Decision for this Economy

It was an easy decision,” says an east coast bindery owner and a southwestern printer, regarding their purchase of the Vijuk–G&K V-14 Miniature/Commercial Folder after they saw it at a trade show. Both credit it for playing a dominant role in keeping their employees busy even in a slow economy.

Bruce Boyarsky, owner of Ocean State Book Binding, Inc. of Providence, RI, says, “I had operated a Vijuk folder in my previous employment, and knew when it comes to miniature/pharmaceutical folders, Vijuk machines have the best reputation in the industry for reliability and dependability. Scouting out folders at the PRINT ’09 show in Chicago, I was impressed with the Vijuk V-14’s performance, and it was an easy decision.” In January 2010, Ocean State purchased a two-station V-14 folder from Vijuk Equipment, Inc. of Elmhurst, IL.

A growing niche at Ocean State is miniature folding. “An important segment of our business is what I’d call ‘base-line economy’ work. We have developed a folding niche centered on pharmaceutical, personal care, consumer, and military products that involve printed instructions, which for regulatory reasons will always be necessary. Typically, these jobs involve high-volume lot sizes,” said Boyarsky.

His company has run a variety of miniature items from folded 4x6" down to 4x¾". Lot sizes vary from 100,000 up to three million, with production throughputs of 25,000-30,000 pieces per hour on the machine.

The new folder gives Ocean State a lot of flexibility in terms of how they run their jobs. Boyarsky says, “A two-station configuration in tandem allows us to make 12 folds on items with 13 panels. By running the two sections in tandem for jobs with fewer folds, we can get higher productivity. We can also run the folder sections configured with six plates in the parallel and six at a right angle, which allows us to produce cross-folded items.”


Investing in a sure thing

In June 2010, when it was time to replace an old folder, vice-president/CEO George Shimshock of GMS Industries, Inc., says, “It was an easy decision to invest in our third two-station Vijuk folder.” GMS had installed two Vijuk–G&K V-14 folders in the fall of 2007.

Looking to expand their small leaflet production, Shimshock attended the PRINT ’05 show where Vijuk was demonstrating the V-14. “I went looking for a folder that could fold small leaflets,” recalls Shimshock. “I had brought along some samples of a job we were doing and asked the Vijuk technician if he would be able to run them. He quickly reset the folder and it ran my samples at high speed. I knew then that it was the right folder for the work we were doing.”

According to Shimshock, Vijuk had told him the machines were fast—but seeing was believing. “Within a month of owning our first two folders, I instructed our sales staff to get us a lot more miniature folding work—to go after the jobs we had to turn down because they were just under the dimensions we could formerly handle,” he says.