Introducing the Newest DI Press

GRAPH EXPO 2010 marks the North American debut of Presstek’s (Booth 2600) new 75DI digital offset press. This highly automated 4- to 10-color press with optional in-line aqueous coater provides print operations with extreme efficiency, the highest offset quality and minimal environmental impact. It offers 300 lpi or stochastic screening, 6-minute job-to-job turnover including platemaking, and a small environmental footprint with waterless printing technology, chemistry-free imaging on-press, fast run-up for minimal waste, and consistent quality from job to job and within each job, reports Presstek.

In addition, the Presstek 75DI press incorporates significant technological advances, including utilization of new on-press imaging technology. This next-generation imaging technology utilizes a single lens imaging concept in which all diodes image through a single lens, resulting in improved image quality and even easier makeready.The efficiency of the press is further enhanced by a simultaneous imaging and cleaning of plates that optimizes the makeready time between jobs.

“The global debut of the 75DI at IPEX was a resounding success, and we are excited about bringing this fabulous product to North America for its first public display at GRAPH EXPO,” says Jeff Jacobson, Presstek chairman, president and CEO, “Based on our experience at IPEX earlier this year, we anticipate that we will be very busy with demonstrations of this breakthrough product, which features a complete job-to-job changeover, including platemaking of six minutes and a cost per page of about a penny. The Presstek 52DI-AC, a landscape format two-page press with an in-line aqueous coater is also featured at our booth.”

Presstek is also featuring the Presstek 52DI-AC at the show. These digital offset presses are designed to meet the growing need for cost-effective color offset print in runs of 500-20,000, bridging the gap between digital toner and conventional offset printing and making them a complementary addition to print shops of all sizes.

With a Presstek DI digital offset press, a digital file is sent directly to the press without the use of offline platemaking processes. All plates are simultaneously imaged on press in precise register; automated press settings ensure consistently high quality throughout the run without significant operator intervention. Presstek’s portfolio of DI digital offset presses provides the most environmentally-friendly offset printing solution on the market. Environmental benefits include chemistry-free on-press platemaking, waterless printing, support for recycled papers and vegetable-based inks, no use of fountain solutions significantly reducing VOC’s, and fast makeready resulting in significantly reduced waste.

“Our new location, right in the front row of the South Hall, will make it easy for visitors to locate us,” says Joe Demharter, Presstek VP of Sales. “Our DI portfolio, combined with our unmatched selection of platesetters, chemistry-free plates, workflow solutions and traditional prepress and pressroom supplies, makes Booth 2600 the first stop for owners and managers of printing businesses seeking transformational solutions for their businesses.”

In addition to the the Presstek 75D the Presstek 52DI, Presstek also offers Presstek 34DI. A table comparing the three presses is available from Presstek.