Enfocus Booth Promotion

GRAPH EXPO marks the first venue where attendees and exhibitors alike will experience the “new face” (or faces) of Enfocus via its recently launched communications campaign called “You First.” Attendees also get the chance to take part in Enfocus’ newest promotion, which kicks off this year at GRAPH EXPO (booth #217). It’s simple, it’s fun and the reward is even greater. To celebrate existing customers and new faces alike, the company is hosting a fun and rewarding contest at its booth called “Show Us Your Enfocus.”

Here’s how it works: Attend a new product demonstration lead by some of the most knowledgeable experts in the field, at booth #217. Once the demo is complete, you’ll receive a free t-shirt from Enfocus. Next, during or after the show, wear your t-shirt and snap a picture of yourself somewhere unique, off-the-wall, fun and entertaining. Become a fan of Enfocus on Facebook and post your photo there: www.facebook.com/EnfocusSW. Enfocus Facebook fans will have the chance to “like” each photo as they choose. The photo with the most votes (or “likes”) gets you $1,000 cash!


You first

The Show Us Your Enfocus contest is just one engaging facet of the company’s newest communications campaign. Called “You First,” the campaign focuses on what Enfocus has been known for since the company’s establishment in 1993—putting customers first.

Enfocus has always listened intently to customer feedback to produce the most cutting edge technology and incorporating the most desired features by those using them. User experience and market requirements—obtained directly from individuals and organizations—are intrinsic to Enfocus’ existence.

Dozens of online discussion forums, blogs and commentary areas are all places where the Enfocus suite of products and services are continuously discussed. The list of venues where professionals who use, or are considering use of Enfocus and other graphic arts solutions, is growing every day.

To further keep the feedback loop current and active, Enfocus regularly surveys the market, including customers and non-customers, to ensure the technology being produced matches exactly what the current—and foreseeable future—marketplace is demanding.

Also an activity for which the company is known well is its advisory councils. Held numerous times over the course of a year, these events run from several hours to several days. Industry experts, resellers, customers, analysts, partners and the press are brought in alone or in combination, to hear plans and then tell the company how, if necessary, to change them. From functionality through to market positioning, Enfocus is about doing what’s good for the customer.

And, of course, there is no substitute for one-on-one, personal contact. Enfocus relies on this primary, essential dialog on a daily basis; gained over the phone, via email and in person.

Be sure to visit Enfocus booth #217 in person to experience this one-to-one model the company is so proud of. Visit www.enfocus.com for more information about the company and its newest product announcements.