VDP Application Essential to Digital Printer's Growth

Speedy Print, a commercial digital printer located in Milwaukee, has been serving the southeast Wisconsin business market since 1972. Its customers include legal professionals, insurance companies, civic organizations, non-profits and general business. The keys to Speedy Print’s success are its full design and marketing services, an increase in business from customers who are looking to outsource design and variable-data printing (VDP), and print quality and customer service.

“Our graphic design and variable printing business has increased steadily year after year,” says Keith Ernst, President of Speedy Print. To stay ahead of its competition, Speedy Print decided to install Meadows Publishing Solutions’ (Booth 113) DesignMerge variable-data software.

Customer needs fulfilled

Speedy Print initially purchased DesignMerge for two clients. One is an insurance company that wanted to personalize ID cards for their customers. “With DesignMerge, the ease of printing is amazing, and we have printed over 5,000 cards without error,” says Amy Messick, Speedy Print’s Graphics Manager. “The second company is a Internet company wanting Internet access codes that feature barcodes, where the barcode changes with each access code. Last year we printed over 100,000 of them, again without a single error.”


Developing new relationships

As a result of these experiences, Speedy Print has developed additional relationships with other clients using VDP solutions. “It really has become an essential component of the services we provide to our clients,” says Ernst.

To date, Speedy Print’s biggest challenge has been educating customers on the benefits of using VDP.

“Our customers need up-front information on what VDP is, how it works, and what the results might be,” says Messick. “In these economic times it can be hard to convince customers of the direct economic benefit that VDP offers them. Once we have been successful in promoting VDP, an additional challenge has been getting our customers to give us properly formatted files.”

According to Ernst, DesignMerge has helped the company gain an additional 15 to 20% in new business, while enabling them to increase the number of jobs that they receive from established customers as well. The positive trend in personalized marketing will continue to help Speedy Print to grow, Ernst expects.

“In 2010 we’re anticipating an excellent return on our DesignMerge investment resulting in continued expansion of our business.”