New NAPL Program Attracting Attention

The considerable buzz around the National Association for Printing Leadership (NAPL) Booth 2261 is being generated by demonstrations of the Association’s newest industry management innovation, WorkPlan for Success. A unique business development program, the interactive WorkPlan for Success gives every NAPL corporate member instant access to strategies, tactics, and tools for handling a broad spectrum of industry business issues.

Built upon the proven best practices revealed through NAPL’s industry-vanguard Management Plus System, WorkPlan for Success is a robust offering with extensive and inclusive guidelines, step-by-step instructions, and applications to help company managers and executives implement the most effective policies in every area of graphic communications company management—from strategic planning and finance to sales and customer service.

“We’ve taken our Management Plus knowledge, our NAPL Research Center studies, and the field experience of our Business Advisory Team members and combined them into a program that not only informs our members about what they can do to achieve greater profitability, but shows them how to do it and gives them the tools for doing so in their own company right now,” says Joseph P. Truncale, NAPL president and CEO.

Best practices framework “Our Management Plus program provides a framework of business best practices specific to our industry and our members,” says NAPL senior VP William F. Woods Jr. “With WorkPlan for Success we have turned this knowledge into a living, hands-on program that our members can access and apply themselves whenever they want to, and more importantly, when they need to.”

Adds Woods, “Each of the program’s six sections begins with a short narrative on the business objective or best practice, followed by specific exercises, worksheets, tables, and charts that enable the user to put the concept into use. It’s not presented in a textbook format, and much of it is available in template form so that it can be tweaked to fit any company’s particular structure and specific needs.”


Do-it-yourself tool

WorkPlan for Success has been designed as a ‘do-it-yourself’ tool for NAPL’s corporate member companies, which is helping them get the maximum return from it by presenting a series of free webinars on various sections of the program, demonstrating different concepts, and walking them through some of the exercises or worksheets.

“The webinars let members interact with the program and ask questions of NAPL experts who can show them its application to their specific situation,” says Woods. “And, of course, our NAPL Business Advisory Team members are always available for additional assistance.”

Comments Truncale, “WorkPlan for Success will ultimately comprise more than a thousand pages of relevant, industry-specific management material that is easy to access and navigate, And as more content is created or new industry directions evolve, new chapters will be added or adjusted to meet members’ changing needs. We believe this new program is a dynamic and robust enhancement to the already substantial benefits of NAPL membership.”

Visit the NAPL Booth 2261 to view a demonstration of this new member-exclusive program.