Xplor Hosts Document University in Chicago

Xplor International (Xplor), also known as the Electronic Document Systems Association, is hosting for the first time ever its Xplor Document University (XDU) program at GRAPH EXPO. Xplor International represents thousands of professionals in more than 35 countries. Its members engage in the design, production, and distribution of variable data documents, ranging from high volumes of statements, bills, insurance policies, and personalized direct mail to very customized marketing materials.

Tuesday, October 5

9:00 - 10:00 am

• You Have Data, Now What?

Room N426a

Pat McGrew, EDP, Evangelist, Data-Driven Communication, Kodak, Inc.


• White Space and TransPromo - A

Profitable Combination, Room N426b

Peter D’Amato, Vice President, Global Marketing & Product Management,

Pitney Bowes


• Using ADF Technology to Accelerate Your Print and Output Operations

Room N426c

Mary Ann Rowan, Vice President, Solimar Systems, Inc.


11:00 - 11:55 am

• Technology Applications and Their Use in Multi-Channel Marketing Campaigns, Room N426a

Scott Baker, Vice President of Business Development, GMC Software International, Inc.


• Making Your Document Work with

Your Integrity System, Room N426b

David D. Day, Business Development Manager, Inspectron Ltd.


• Optimizing Hardware and Software Technology to Change Book Printing

at Publishers’ Graphics, Room N426c

Anthony Leccese, Product Manager,

Output Management Solutions,

Rochester Software Associates, Inc.

Nick Lewis, President and Owner,

Publishers’ Graphics


12:00 - 1:00 pm

• How To Improve Customer

Engagement, Room N426a

Sandra Zoratti, Vice President, Global Marketing Solutions, InfoPrint Solutions Company


• Create a Brilliant Statement for Your Bottom Line by Moving to Inkjet Printing, Room N426b

Steven Coburn, Director, Production Print Product Management, Pitney Bowes


• Large Things Can Come in Small Boxes!, Room N426c

Rob Williams, Regional Director of Operations, Continuum Worldwide Corp.


Wednesday, October 6

9:00 - 10:00 am

• Leverage Data Analytics to Drive Results, Room N426a

Lee Gallagher, Director, Precision Marketing Solutions, InfoPrint Solutions


• Designing Documents Around

Technology, Room N426b

Cyril Philipose, Senior Consultant,

Design Services, Prinova, Inc.


• Full Color Inkjet Delivers Equivalent Direct Mail Response Rates for 62% Less Cost Than Toner, Room N426c

Kevin Hunter, Executive Director, RISO


11:00 - 11:55 am

• Managing Data Across All Your

Communication Channels: Data, Content & Reporting, Room N426a

Scott Draeger, M-EDP, Manager of

Product Strategy, HP Exstream


• Data-Driven, Personalized Customer Communications for Fun & Profit,

Room N426b

Scott Bannor, Regional Sales Manager, Elixir Technologies


• Using SaaS Solutions in the Document Output Industry, Room N426c

Bill Tremeer, President, Tremware



12:00 - 1:00 pm

• Let the Tool Do the Work, Room N426a

Denise Miano, EDP, NEPS, Inc.


• Inkjet Color Printing: Practical Uses

& Predictable Pricing, Room N426c

Guy Broadhurst, Océ North America, Inc.


• The Business Case for Document Integrity, Room N426b

Ernie Crawford, M-EDP, President,

Crawford Technologies, Inc.