Computer-to-Plate Solutions Offer One-Stop Shopping

Presstek, Inc. (Booth 2600) is demonstrating its CTP solutions, ranging from 2-page polyester to fully automated 4-page metal options. CTP solutions on display include Presstek’s Dimension Pro 400, Vector FL52, and DPM Pro 400. Presstek is also featuring its chemistry-free Aurora EXP, Anthem Pro and Freedom Pro plates, along with Aeon, a high resolution, no preheat thermal plate. Aeon offers runs of up to 200,000 and as many as 1,000,000 impressions when baked.

“Our range of CTP hardware and plate solutions is unmatched in the industry,” says Kathleen McHugh, Presstek’s VP and CMO. “Presstek is a leading supplier of small format CTP systems and chemistry-free plates, and we have focused a significant portion of our product portfolio on this heritage. Our new 4- and 8-page open platform solutions, including both platesetters and plates, meet requirements across the board in the commercial print market, making Presstek the first stop for owners and managers of printing solutions seeking more environmentally friendly and competitive platemaking capabilities.”


The CTP portfolio

“While Presstek believes strongly in the importance of the environmental sustainability of a completely chemistry-free platemaking process,” adds McHugh, “we also understand that certain applications are not yet amenable to this strategy. In order to cover the complete market requirements for printing operations of all sizes, Presstek has assembled a comprehensive portfolio of platesetters with detailed comparisons in the tables at the end of this release.”

The Compass Series is Presstek’s high-end, completely automated CTP solution. Its multi-cassette autoloader provides complete production flexibility; each cassette holds plates of different sizes and can be reloaded without interrupting production. Compass supports Presstek’s chemistry-free Aurora Pro, Aeon and other 830 nm plates and is available in 4- and 8-page models.

Presstek’s mid-range CTP offering the Dimension Pro are being highlighted. The base unit is semi-automated, and it also available with an optional automated plate loading system. Like the Compass it supports Presstek’s chemistry-free Aurora Pro and Anthem Pro as well as Aeon and other 830 nm plates and is available in 4- and 8-page configurations.

The Vector FL52 features an integrated plate washer and uses Presstek’s chemistry-free Freedom Pro plates. The Vector offers the small format (52cm and under) printer a metal platemaking solution that provides higher productivity, a cleaner operation, and a low overall operating cost.

The Presstek DPM Pro 400 is an easy to use, fully automated, high resolution polyester plate CTP system with an integrated plate processor. It supports plate widths up to 16.31" (414mm) and is fast, economical to use and environmentally-friendly.