Enhanced Workflow Offering Enables New Routes to Cost Savings and Increased Revenue

InfoPrint Solutions Company (Booth 2017) , a Ricoh company, is showcasing InfoPrint Software Advantage, a family of software products that addresses the demands of customers across all industries. This family can increase businesses’ ability to execute multichannel campaigns, implement precise document composition and production, and automate workflow across the operation.

InfoPrint Software Advantage is an integrated family of InfoPrint Solutions and third-party software offerings. This package is designed with customization in mind and aims to develop reliable, efficient and precise documents from design through production and delivery. An added value of InfoPrint Software Advantage is customer access to InfoPrint’s Professional Services team that has more than 50 years of experience in the production printing market.

“InfoPrint Solutions has always strived to provide our customers with software that addresses their specific needs. We realize that our customers have very particular demands and that our role is to come to the table with an accurate, customized solution,” says Gary Borgese, Director, Software Product Management for InfoPrint Solutions. “By bringing InfoPrint Software Advantage to market we have combined our industry leading family with our best-of-breed third party partners and global professional services team to give customers choice—choice to find one, customized package that increases their revenues while enabling cost savings without major disruption to their overall operation.”


What are the components?

InfoPrint Software Advantage consists of a wide selection of components. First is InfoPrint ProcessDirector, a workflow solution that enables end-to-end automation, streamline capabilities and secure output management. With this high integrity workflow backbone, businesses can quickly and easily reduce errors while lowering costs.

Other components of this family include InfoPrint Manager which is designed to manage all print jobs in both production and distributed environments. This is a scalable software that can increase productivity and lowers the total cost of ownership. Another offering is Productivity Tracker, a tool that captures key statistics about operators and devices and delivers real time operational insights. This allows for improved operator efficiency, balanced workloads and the ability to manage supplies at a lower cost.

Third-party software components are integrated into InfoPrint Software Advantage to ensure the functionality needed to address customers’ specific requirements. In the area of document design, for example, Software Advantage includes: DocPath document solutions, GMC PrintNet Integrated platform, MAPPING Suite and StreamServe Persuasion.

What’s the Advantage?

A strong, high integrity workflow is a key differentiator to print operations. While many businesses may use a combination of hardware including printers and pre- and post-processing equipment, it is vital to have an underlying workflow solution which ensures automation, security and data integrity and auditability across the print job. The InfoPrint Software Advantage includes tools that enable control throughout the operation. Key areas of this are:

Connect—InfoPrint Software Advantage includes tools that connect data with output system software. This allows companies to bring together all of their communications to a single connection point which reduces the likelihood of massive reprints.

Create—Through a variety of document composition tools this package gives users the opportunity to design high value communications with easy-to-use solutions. These enable each and every document to stand out more to recipients through strategic placement of relevant and targeted messaging.

Prepare and Produce—Preparation is key in any job. With these tools, businesses can prepare input data and other resources more accurately than before. This then ensures a more streamlined production process which in turn reduces the amount of energy used and eliminates unnecessary mistakes as all output is stemming from the same source.

Deliver—The phrase “from host to post” extends beyond the mailroom and further than the physical envelope. Delivery can apply to the Web, e-mail or traditional mail and no matter the preference. InfoPrint Software Advantage family has components that can address all of these channels and more.

Analyze—Post-delivery analysis is an often overlooked but crucial component to a workflow solution. Determining the efficiency and effectiveness of a communication can help enhance and improve the next. If changes are needed, InfoPrint Solutions’ professional services team will work closely with the customer to ensure that they are made accurately and in a timely manner.