Independent Environmental and Sustainability Certifications

Scientific Certification Systems (Booth 3235) is a global leader in independent certification and verification of environmental, sustainability, stewardship, food quality, food safety and food purity claims. For more than 25 years, SCS has developed internationally recognized standards and certification programs in pursuit of the highest level of environmental performance and social accountability. Many assessments undertaken by SCS are based on innovative life cycle assessment methodologies. SCS assessments lead to the recognition of accomplishments in greenhouse gas inventories and offsets, agricultural production, food processing and handling, forestry, fisheries, flowers and plants, energy, green building, product manufacturing and corporate social responsibility.

SCS offers certification by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), an international certification system that recognizes the highest levels of environmentally and socially responsible forest management. FSC certification is a voluntary, market-based system that allows companies to promote their products as deriving from well-managed forests. By holding an FSC Chain of Custody (CoC) certificate, companies earn the right to market and sell products as being FSC Certified and to affiliate themselves with the Forest Stewardship Council.

FSC Chain of Custody certification from Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) is a strong assurance to your customers that your paper products have positive environmental attributes that are backed by a global system of verification. When you earn a Chain of Custody certificate from SCS you gain the right to use the FSC logo and trademarks both on your products and in company communications. The certification label helps both businesses and retail customers make purchasing decisions that support the environment.

To earn FSC Chain of Custody certification, companies must develop and implement procedures that cover all of the elements of the relevant FSC standard. Companies must account for their purchase of certified material, their inventory, their manufacturing procedures, determination of FSC claims, use of logos, as well as sales, invoicing and recordkeeping procedures.

The standards allow for a variety of different systems and, therefore, FSC CoC programs range from very simple to very complex, depending on the nature of the operation. For instance, there are separate CoC standards addressing companies with multiple facilities, the outsourcing of production, “controlled wood” and the verification of recycled content.

SCS is one of the world’s leading FSC certifiers and one of its founding members. We pride ourselves on possessing an intimate knowledge of the FSC protocols and have a dedicated professional staff to guide clients through the certification process. We are very focused on customer service and, as such, we are typically able to contract with companies, deploy our auditors to the field and make certification decisions within a six to eight week timeframe.

With well-established FSC Chain of Custody programs in Australia, Brazil, China, India, Japan, Germany, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, and Sweden, SCS has certified more than 2,000 companies across the globe. Plus, in 2009, SCS became the leading FSC certification body in the United States.

Once your company is certified, SCS will provide ongoing support for the program, including information about new and revised FSC requirements, a superior logo approval system with quick turnaround times and ongoing staff assistance.