Scott Cappel Named NAQP Printer of the Year

Scott Cappel, owner of Sorrento Mesa Printing in San Diego, CA, is NAQP's 2010 Printer of the Year. The award was presented at the 2010 NAQP Owners Conference in Chicago, which was held just prior to Graph Expo.

While working his way through junior college that Scott became interested in the printing industry. It was during this time that he was offered the opportunity to learn how to run a duplicator press and experience firsthand the world of ink and paper.

In 1981 he moved to San Diego, continuing his college education at the University of California San Diego (UCSD). While there, he worked as a pressman and sold printing in the summers between classes. Scott graduated in 1984 with a BA in chemistry with an emphasis in earth sciences.

He then spent three years in the world of science, the last two in research at the Salk Institute of Biological Studies, where he was listed as a co-author on three published papers in scientific literature. Even though his experience at Salk was rewarding, Scott had the itch to be in business. In 1987 he was approached by a pressman he had known who had just ended a partnership in another printing company. The opportunity was just what Scott was looking for, and together they founded Sorrento Mesa Printing.


The partnership was short lived, though, and after six months they parted ways, with Scott staying on to run Sorrento Mesa. In the early years, he sold printing and ran the presses, but eventually learned his time was better spent working with clients and having others run the machinery. To this day he has never hired a salesperson, always preferring to handle this aspect of the business himself.

As the industry changed and became more sophisticated, Scott adapted. He became proficient with computers and IT, training in Adobe, Quark, and Windows server software . Even though he can fill in most of the positions at his company, he prefers to let his employees learn and grow as well. Investing in robust systems and an emphasis on training has allowed Sorrento Mesa’s employees to operate the company while Scott focuses on his primary mission, the clients. He has always believed his staff to be his most valuable asset.

Recently he led the process of rebranding the company and developed a strong social media presence with a large network on LinkedIn, Sorrento Mesa’s Facebook Fanpage, and a few Tweets here and there. “I believe the relevance of print in the media mix is still compelling,” Scott states. “It’s our job to communicate this to the marketplace.”

Scott lives on the coast of north San Diego along with his wife and three sons. He is a member of NAQP/NAPL, PIA, and PODi. Scott has served on the board of directors of PIA-San Diego and was co-chair of the 2003 PrintImage Owners Conference in Las Vegas. Sorrento Mesa Printing, to date, has received 18 awards in national printing competitions.


Brian O’Day – Lifetime Membership Award

Brian O’Day, owner of e-Print in Tigard, OR, has been honored with NAQP’s Lifetime Membership Award.

After a tour of duty with the Air Force in Viet Nam and earning a degree in business from the University of Maryland, Brian opened a Kwik Kopy Printing franchise in 1982. That business changed with the arrival of digital technology in the late 1980s. Drawing on his military training, Brian embraced the new technology. His wife Susie, a professional graphic artist, joined the company and they added services such as graphic design and direct mailing.

In 2007, the couple fulfilled their 25-year franchise obligation and went independent, changing the business name to e-Print. Today, the 12-employee company has added marketing services to its offerings and boasts more than a million dollars worth of equipment.

In 2000 Brian joined the board of PrintImage International. He worked his way up to treasurer and, ultimately, chairman of the board. In 2006 the association rebranded itself NAQP, due in part to Brian’s efforts. Two years later, he served on the committee that directed the merger with NAPL.

For the adaptable O’Day, success in life and business has meant trying harder and doing so consistently. For him, that’s one of the things that just never changes.