1:1 Health Campaign Fights Obseity, Generates New Business

Based in London, Lateral Group combines data-led strategic insight with a range of offline and online outputs coordinated through an Integrated Communications Management (ICM) model. This marriage between print and electronic campaigns helps clients engage their customers and helps Lateral’s customers sell more through better communications while driving costs out of the process.

The company consists of four business groups, each specializing in distinct yet interconnected areas, including database design, analysis, new media development and personalized campaign creation. By providing a single point of contact for these services, Lateral Group makes it easy for clients to co-ordinate and execute sophisticated multi-channel campaigns.

In August 2008, the government announced Change4Life, England’s first and the world’s most ambitious social marketing campaign aimed at reducing rising levels of childhood obesity. A high profile launch in January 2009 concentrated on reframing the issue in terms of the consequences of obesity, which increases the risk of serious disease and is currently projected to cost the British public £50 billion in the years to come. The key objective of Change4Life was to motivate families at risk of obesity by encouraging them to respond and engage in long term behaviour changes. To help them with this program, the organization partnered with Lateral because of its combined expertise in database handling and multi-channel marketing capability.


Personalized plans

The campaign started by sending one of the largest ever questionnaires of its kind to families across England. This questionnaire asked parents to detail their children’s diet and activity on a typical day, as well as other basic information. Using these responses, Lateral Group created a personalized action plan for each child featuring colourful visuals linked to the child’s results. With over four million variable outputs based on the questionnaire answers, Lateral Group used XMPie and the Xerox iGen3 110 digital production press paired with a CX Print Server powered by Creo to turn the customized deliverable into a reality. The final package, printed on recyclable stock certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, included a Handbook for Healthy, Happy Kids, a personalized action plan, and a Change4Life calendar with activity stickers for families to easily track their day-to-day progress.

This initiative was well received. Sign ups were 200% over target, including a high proportion of at-risk families that were so vital to reach. What’s more, 80% of responders have showed long-term commitment to continuing with the program by opting in to receive more information from Change4Life in the future. To date, the program is already helping 320,000 at-risk children lead happier and healthier lives.

It also had a positive impact on the Lateral Group, who won numerous awards for the campaign—including Best Overall Solution in this year’s Best-of-the-Best Contest. Its visibility in the marketplace has increased as it has achieved awards, including an extension of the Change4Life program into Wales, a Harmful Drinking multi-channel campaign and the NHS Summary Care Records information program. It has further attracted business from Procter & Gamble for their database work and continue to land new personalized campaign business.