GRAPH EXPO 2010's Must See 'ems

Presentation of the Must See ‘ems technology and product recognition awards is a highlight feature of the Executive Outlook Conference, held the day before GRAPH EXPOofficially opens its doors. The program is sponsored by the Graphic Arts Show Company (GASC) and conducted independently by the PrintComConsulting Group.

Must See ‘ems and their companion Worth-a-Look products were selected from the more than 2,000 individual products being shown at GRAPH EXPO by just over 500 exhibitors.  Products were nominated in a reiterative process from supplier information including pre-show briefings and input from an independent Selection Committee.  To achieve Must See recognition, nominees are reviewed and voted on by a 19- person committee in a secret ballot that required more than majority agreement that a product was compelling for a large number of exhibition attendees.  Products identified as compelling but of importance to a more limited audience have been identified as Worth-a-Looks. 

Encore 2010 selections were made from products and technologies that received Must See ’ems recognition in 2009. Eight of last year’s selections were voted to receive continuing recognition because, although not new, they still represent compelling products.


Production Technologies:



As print production has become computer-centric, there are an increasing number of software products on the exhibition floor.  Software is embedded in many if not most production products --- sometimes visible and sometimes invisible to production operators. It is the most difficult technology for a printer to evaluate prior to a purchase.


Agfa Graphics (Booth 824)

Apogee Impose



Color-Logic (Booth 155)

Process Metallic Color System



EskoArtwork (Booth 217)

i-cut Suite (digital pre-production)


interlinkONE  (Booth 969)

QReate and Track


Pitney Bowes (Booth 3601)

TransPromo Portal




Offset Products


Direct Imaging (DI) Press

Presstek, Inc. (Booth 2600)



Offset-Digital Imprinter

Eastman Kodak Company (Booth 1227)

Prosper S10 Imprinting System with Process Color


Offset Printing Plates


Agfa Graphics (Booth 844)

Amigo TS


Eastman Kodak Company (Booth 1227)

Trillian SP Thermal Plate


Epson America, Inc. (Booth 617)

Stylus Pro 7900CtP System



Digital Presses


Production Color - Sheetfed

Fujifilm North America Corp. (Booth 627)

Digital Inkjet J Press 720


Hewlett-Packard  (Booth 1200)

Indigo 7500 Toner Digital Press


Konica Minolta Business Solutions (Booth 2244)

Bizhub Toner Press C8000


Xerox Corporation (Booth 600)

Color 1000 Toner Press


Production Color - Inkjet Rollfed

Eastman Kodak Company (Booth 1227)

Prosper 5000XL Press


Screen (USA) (Booth 1637)

Truepress Jet520ZZ






Agfa Graphics (Booth 844)

Jeti 1224 HDC FTR


EFI (Booth 2000)

VUTEk GS3200


Hewlett-Packard (Booth 1200)

Scitex LX800 Printer




Muller Martini Corp. (Booth 637)

Sigma Line Digital Finishing


Encore Selections


MGI Digital Graphic Technology (Booth 3217)

JETvarnish UV coater


Océ North America (Booth 1217)

JetStream 1000 Digital Press


Pitney Bowes (Booth 3601)

Print Messenger + Color Ink Jet System


Xerox Corporation (Booth 600)

Nuvera 288EA Perfecting Production System




 Production Technologies: Software


Agfa Graphics   (Booth 844)

Apogee Portal


Aleyant Systems   (Booth 341)

Pressero v4.0 (Web-to-Print)


Bitstream Inc.    (Booth 451)

Pageflex Campaign Manager


CGS Publishing Technologies Itnl.   ( Booth 432)

ORIS Aproove


Dalim Software GmbH    (Booth 227)

ES2 (workflow)


Datatech SmartSoft     (Booth 967)

PressWise (workflow)


Eastman Kodak Company  (Booth 1227)

ColorFlow Software


Eastman Kodak Company   (Booth 1227)

Prinergy Packaging Layout Automation


EFI    (Booth 2000)

Colorproof XF v4.1


Enfocus NV    (Booth 217)

PitStop Connect (preflight)


EskoArtwork   (Booth 217)

Studio 10 package design


EskoArtwork     (Booth 217)

Suite 10 integrated production


GMG Americas    (Booth 644)

SmartProfiler and ColorServer

(Color Management)


Lorton Data  (Booth 5218)

A-Qua Mailer On-Demand Direct Mail Services

(cloud-based Service)


Pantone LLC    (Booth 448)

Plus Series color control


Xerox Corporation      (Booth 600)



XMPie, Inc.          (Booth 600)                                   

PersonalEffect 5.0


XMPie, Inc.    (Booth 600)

Hosted e-Media Express Edition




Management Information Systems


Avanti Computer Systems Ltd.    (Booth 1061)

HP SmartStream Integration


EFI     (Booth 2000)

Monarch 2010.1.2


Prism   (Booth 4018)





Offset Products


Traditional Analog


Muller Martini Corp.        ( Booth 637)

Variable Sleeve Printing Press

(Offset Lithography – Variable Size Sheetfed)


Press Auxiliary


adphos North America and                             (Booth 2236)

Graphic System Solutions (GSS)                    (Booth 2536)

TDC (Tower, Dryer and Carriage)



 Offset Printing Plates


Mitsubishi Imaging (MPM), Inc.    (Booth 224)

Processless DigiPlate (PDP)


Digital Presses


Production Black & White - Toner Sheetfed

 Xerox Corporation     (Booth 600)

Espresso Book Machine



Production Color - Toner Sheetfed

Canon U.S.A., Inc      (Booth 2027)

imagePress C7010VP


Xerox Corporation       (Booth 600)

iGen4 Press


Production Color – Specialty Toner   

 Eastman Kodak Comp  (Booth 1227)

NEXPRESS Red Fluorescing Dry Ink



Label Printer – UV Inkjet, Web 

 EFI   (Booth 2000)

Jetrion 4830



Production Color -  Inkjet - Web

 InfoPrint Solutions Company  ( Booth 2017)

InfoPrint 5000 MP


Multi-Function Toner Color Sheetfed

 Xerox Corporatio (Booth 600)

Color 550/560 Printer





Agfa Graphics (Booth 844)

Anapurna M 2050


EFI  (Booth 2000)

Rastek H652


EFI     (Booth 2000)

Rastek T1000


Hewlett-Packard   (Booth 1200)

Designjet L25500 Printer


Hewlett-Packard     (Booth 1200)

Designjet Z5200 PostScript Printer


Hewlett-Packard (Booth 1200)

Scitex FB700 Printer


Océ North America   (Booth 1217)

Arizona 550 GT




Böwe Bell + Howell  (Booth 3612)

Harmonix Software


Gateway Bookbinding Systems    (Booth 1171)



LasX Industries, Inc.    (Booth 2041)

LaserSharp Spider STP-400 Digital Finishing System


Lasermax Roll Systems    (Booth 2606)

PageReady (in-line digital finishing)


MGI USA (Booth 3217)


(Digital Finishing)


Muller Martini Corp.  (Booth 637)



Muller Martini Corp.  (Booth 637)

Primera E110


Standard Finishing Systems  (Booth 1244)

Horizon CABS 6000 Perfect Binding System


Individual Products


Böwe Bell + Howell  (Booth 3612)


GMG Americas  (Booth 644)

Press proofs with GMG ColorProof,

GMG FlexoProof, and the

Roland VersaUV LEC 33



Encore Selections


Océ North America (Booth 1217)

VarioPrint 6320 Ultra Digital Printer

(Monocolor Toner Digital Perfecting Press)


JUST Normlicht  (Booth 661)

Just LED Color Viewing Light


Riso, Inc.  (Booth 3111)

ComColor 9050


Xerox Corporation  (Booth 600)

1300 Monocolor Continuous Feed





The Technology Dozen and Critical Survival Implications


In the new era of print, the best application of yesterday’s technologies is not enough to insure profitable survival for the next few years. Profitable survival depends upon a complex mix of the state of a still-recovering economy, changing customer requirements, the extent that electronic alternatives impinge on print, and the printer’s ability to co-mingle print with e-alternatives in a multimedia environment. To succeed in today’s environment, printers must be willing to invest and use new era technology.

A dozen technologies that have survival implications for most commercial printers were identified by the Must See ‘ems Selection Committee. Their implementation can be seen in Must See ‘ems products on the exhibition floor. The survival technologies are:


1.  Computer – IT

Effective use of the computer with application of information technology (IT) in both the running of the business and production aspects of a printing company were voted as the most critical survival applications of technology. 


2.  Multiple Products 

Acquiring and implementing the knowledge, skills and technologies necessary to leverage print content and formats into a variety of multiple products/multiple media (including e) ranked second in the overall list. 


3.  Automation

The incorporation of automation into print production is key, starting with the use of standalone automated systems or equipment and evolving into integrated automation moving toward ‘lights-out or hands-off manufacturing.’ The approach includes incorporating JDF/JMF dialog between and among production and management systems. 


4.  Unique Materials

Creative use of unique materials and equipment and associated technologies to enhance the value and application of print is critical to standing apart from the competition. Included are technologies such as coating--including digital dimensional coating, QR and similar systems, augmented reality, invisible printing and security printing. Also included in this category are unusual die-cutting and folding.



5.  Web-to-Print

Complete web-to-print capability is more than just an up-to-date communication tool --- it is the automation of print from customer inquiry to the pressroom and into distribution.  The way in Which web-to-print is implemented is becoming a competitive tool in many print markets. 


6.  Planning

While business planning and production planning with strategic and tactical direction, including technology components, ranked sixth in the overall list, several analyst members of the Selection Committee opined that comprehensive planning is fundamental to printers’ survival and should head up the list.


7. & 8.  Digital Printing

Production digital color printing (toner or ink jet) is the primary printing industry growth process. Leading applications are short- (but getting longer) run work and direct mail containing at least a minimum of variable data. An understanding of direct marketing requirements and mailing capability are important ingredients for production digital printing success and are ranked in seventh place, almost parallel with production digital color printing. 


9.  Market and Product Specialization

Customer market segment specialization with in-depth knowledge of the segment in conjunction with specialized technologies and equipment to produce special/unique print products for that segment is critical.


10.  Marketing Service Provider

Adopting the technology, skills and business approach to convert from being a conventional printer to a marketing service provider can pave the way to success.


11. & 12.  Up-to-Date Equipment

Up-to-date equipment for the pressroom, closely followed by binding and finishing, ranked eleventh and twelfth respectively, including the integration of binding and finishing into press production lines. Software upgrades and replacements for both pressroom and postpress operations need to be monitored continuously and implemented for improvements and advantages, the Committee noted.