GASC Announces Award Recipients of First Ever Positively Print Program

The Graphic Arts Show Company (GASC) has announced the award recipients of “Positively Print,” a new print advocacy program designed to promote the power of print in today’s media mix. The awardees were recognized at a ceremony following yesterday's EXECUTIVE OUTLOOK Conference.

Positively Print entries could be produced in any media, as long as the focus of the submissions were on print, targeting print buyers, print influencers and the broader community. Candidates were evaluated on their originality and perceived effectiveness in delivering the message of print as an integral—and effective—component of integrated marketing campaigns.

“We want to demonstrate to companies involved in print that advocating for print can be done and help carry a powerful message that will benefit the entire industry,” says Ralph Nappi, GASC president. 


Exemplary Award recipients: 

The Xerox Corp. Xerox’s Sunday morning television campaign about print targets the corporate decision-makers who often watch the current events talk shows. The commercials describe the different ways in which print achieves results.

Magazine publishers. Five major magazine publishers—Conde Nast, Hearst Magazines, Meredith Corp., Time Inc. and Wenner Media—joined forces to promote the vitality of magazines as a media. “Magazines, the Power of Print,” challenges the misconceptions surrounding magazines through a visually appealing mix of colorful imagery and clever wordplay.

Printing and Graphics Association – Mid-Atlantic. With the tagline of “Print Grows Trees,” this campaign counters the notion that print is not environmentally friendly. The program, which can be modified and copied by others, is an example of how much a single entity can do to support—and promote—print.


Distinction Award recipient: 

Hewlett-Packard (HP). HP’s efforts to promote print were international in scope and even made it to the Cannes Young Lions International Advertising Festival competition. 

Individual Print Advocate: Warren Werbitt & Pazazz Printing. Warren Werbitt—founder of Pazazz Printing in Montreal—has unabashedly and singlehandedly advocated for print throughout his career. He has promoted his passion for print in decidedly unconventional ways—most notably through two YouTube videos, “Printing’s Alive,” which humorously and dramatically show the necessity of print in the world. The videos have been viewed by over 200,000 people.