KBA Moves Forward with Positive Outlook and Profit

KBA North America Inc. (booth 1255) presented the company’s current standing and future outlook with positivity and profitability. Eric Frank, VP of Marketing, KBA, spoke about the need to talk positively about the American printing market and how industry leaders can help them succeed. He also touched on how KBA is helping printers to do their jobs better, faster and more profitably. 

Mark Hischar, the recently appointed President and CEO remarked “This past year has been a year of challenge for this industry, but for KBA it has been a year of great progress.” The company has done that by focusing on the customer and plans to continue that effort, moving forward. A large portion of the sheetfed business has come from former non-KBA users who were swayed by customer testimony to the technology and aftermarket support.

KBA has also focused strong attention on the commercial market. Its C16 commercial web press 16pp provides a high net output, fast job changes, low levels of start-up waste, enhanced production flexibility and reduced operator energy and maintenance. 

In the U.S., The New York Daily News replaced eight presses with three KBA Commander CT web press sections that, for the past year, have enabled the paper to be printed in color on every page. Last year, Transcontinental, the largest independent newspaper printer in Canada and third largest in North America, purchased four KBA triple-wide versions of the Commander CT web presses for its plants in Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver. This is one of the biggest semi-commercial newspaper contracts KBA has received in recent years. The four presses will have a total of 16 towers, four single and two double folders and six heatset dryers. Installation of all four presses began earlier this year. These presses also began producing The Globe & Mail starting Oct. 1, 2010. 

“As this market evolves, KBA is evolving with it,” said Hischar. “Be sure to stop by KBA’s booth to learn more about the company, its customer-focused objectives and its future outlook on the market.”