Announcing: CGS and Screen ORIS Bundle Technology

ORIS technology provides significant ink savings and color control for full variable inkjet printing on multiple stocks.

CGS Publishing Technologies International (booth 432), and Screen USA (booth 1637) announced an agreement to bundle ORIS technology with each Truepress Jet520 press sold within North and South America, starting in Q4. An ORIS-enabled press is located at the Screen USA booth for demonstrations.

The decision comes after months of testing with results of up to 15% ink savings, and increased color quality on a variety of stocks. “Decreasing the total volume of ink used and improving drying was our number one goal. The overall improvement in color reproduction is an added benefit to our customers,” says Screen Product Manager Tom Leibrandt.

CGS’ Director of Strategic Business, Bruce Brown was optimistic about the Truepress Jet520’s expanding role. “The ink savings we measured are substantial, but that’s only the beginning,” he says. “With less coverage, you can run lighter, less porous stocks, and not worry about drying time or offsetting.”

The Truepress Jet520 has been successful worldwide in applications including full variable data printing of direct mail, as well as on-demand color book and newspaper printing.