Graph Expo 2010: A Magnet for Industry Organizations

Some of this year’s co-located events have been here before. Others are here for the first time. Whether newcomers or ‘alumni,’ these organizations clearly recognize the value of co-locating at GRAPH EXPO 2010.

Kodak’s Michele Laird-Williams, who serves as Executive Director of the Graphic Users Group Association (GUA), calls the decision to hold its event at GRAPH EXPO a great opportunity. “Our members get to see what is new in the industry and what Kodak is offering at the show, such as Prosper workflow solutions, Market Mover, and the new Nexpress. We are looking to expand the membership in GUA because we think users groups are an important resource. Co-locating with GRAPH EXPO 2010 gives us the opportunity to reach out to non-members who are in attendance.”

“For us it is really a no-brainer,” says Keith Kemp, NAPL board Chairman and former Chairman of NAQP. “Co-locating NAQP’s Owners conference immediately prior to GRAPH EXPO has always had a positive effect on our conference attendance. NAQP members get to have a full conference educational and social slate and then have the chance to stay on a day or two to see what’s new at GRAPH EXPO. In recent years they also have been able to take advantage of the free Sunday educational session dedicated to quick and small commercial printers.”

The Association of Independent Mailing Equipment Dealers (AIMED) also held their fall conference immediately prior to GRAPH EXPO—and spent the show manning their booth in the Mailing & Fulfillment Pavilion. “Our members in the mailing industry have a tremendous crossover with the printing industry,” says Executive Director Barbara Price. “That makes GRAPH EXPO 2010 a natural fit for co-location. Our conference drew solid attendance but the difference this year is that people stayed the whole day and didn’t trickle out after lunch. Our theme was ‘Growing Your Business’ and our members stayed on to take advantage of the growth opportunities being highlighted at the show.”

With the News Print Pavilion making its debut, GRAPH EXPO 2010 attracted the International Newspaper Group and users’ associations for such companies as Muller Martini and manroland. Muller Martini users group president said “With GRAPH EXPO 2010 featuring such a large emphasis on the newspaper market, it makes for a particularly appropriate venue for our users’ group to meet.” 

Also co-locating were organizations such as IDEAlliance’s G7 Summit. According to IDEAlliance VP of Marketing Steve Bonoff, locating the G7 summit at GRAPH EXPO was an ideal opportunity to bring industry education and exhibitors together.” Creatives, publishers, and commercial printers all need to find ways to integrate their digital workflow for efficient production and GRAPH EXPO 2010 offers them the chance to learn about the tools to do so.”

EFI Connect and Hewlett Packard’s Dscoop are two other users groups which are co-locating events with GRAPH EXPO 2010. EFI’s Director of Product Marketing Dan Crnarich says that co-locating ensures that “CONNECT will remain as relevant to their business success as it has been in the past 11 years.” According to Dscoop Chairman Larry Vaughn, “Providing educational and networking events year-round aligns with our mission and provides an added incentive to our members who were already planning on attending this industry event in Chicago.”

In the final analysis, GRAPH EXPO 2010 has provided a great incentive for many of the top industry associations and organizations to be actively involved in “The Next Generation of Print.”