XMPie Launches Hosted E-Communication Solution

XMPie (booths 400, 600) launched Hosted e-Media Express, an entry-level version of PersonalEffect e-Media, delivered as a subscription-based Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. This offering, XMPie’s first entry into cloud-based services, gives users access to a hosted e-communication solution that provides digital, online integration with print capabilities.

Hosted e-Media Express can also act as a data and logic hub for remote, desktop locations that can link to a port. For example, an agency creating a cross-media campaign can manage the data, rules, and the Web or e-mail elements through its Hosted e-Media Express. Simultaneously, freelance designers can remotely link to the campaign’s information from their InDesign desktop with an XMPie uDirect plug-in and review their designs with real data.

“Based on customer feedback and seeing the growing trends of e-communications, we’ve developed a hosted solution that enables the creation of personalized websites and e-mail with the ability to connect to variable data print (VDP),” says Jacob Aizikowitz, President, XMPie. “Leveraging our unique Interactive Content Port (ICP) technology, we enhanced our desktop VDP offerings to allow for an online connection to the data and rules of a cloud-hosted e-media campaign.”

“XMPie’s Hosted e-Media is the ideal solution for getting your feet wet with personalized cross-media marketing,” said Matthew Koch, Information Technology Manager at Shelton Turnbull, a premier Pacific Northwest printing company and Hosted e-Media beta customer. “It’s easy to use, cost-effective and significantly lowers the IT infrastructure needed for one-to-one communications.”

XMPie Hosted e-Media is fully compatible with the entire XMPie family, from desktop to server.