It’s Midnight for Digital Printing

Virtual Systems (booth 459) chose GRAPH EXPO 2010 to introduce Midnight, its new Web-based solution designed to take print shop owners into the digital era. “Midnight is for printers who are expanding beyond the confines of traditional print and moving into more broad-based marketing services such as mailing, fulfillment, data analytics, PURLs, and email blasts,” says Virtual Systems President Chris Huber.

Midnight contains tools to help companies price these services correctly and manage complex marketing projects from start to finish, allowing them to maximize profitability by being more efficient and also capture marketing service revenues to increase profits. Other benefits include improved quoting and management of mail jobs, better accounting for postage, single page estimating for marketing projects, and online views for customer projects.

Midnight builds upon Virtual Systems’ other software offerings: Mail Shop, 3PF Manager, and Digishop. Says Huber, “Our software is designed with everyone in the shop in mind—from the owner and supervisors to personnel on the production floor. In the end, it’s about empowering them with the tools to run things smoother. If it doesn’t make your job easier, we haven’t done ours.”

According to Huber, the landscape of marketing is transforming to include more data-centric and Web-based elements. “Virtual Systems is committed to bringing new and innovative ways to support expanded service offerings, and supplying cutting edge technology to help better serve printer’s customers’ expanding needs.”