Best of the Best: 2010 Readers Choice Top Product

Output Device
images Aqueous Printer (24-95 inches) HP Designjet Z6100
The HP Designjet Z6100 Printer series is ideal for print service providers and technical customers looking to reduce their turnarounds and produce high-impact prints with vivid color and CAD and GIS applications with crisp lines. With an industry-leading combination of image quality and productivity, the HP Designjet Z6100 helps customers to increase their print capacity while producing high-impact prints with outstanding quality and breakthrough consistency and predictable color.
images Engineering Printer (24-95 inches) HP Designjet L25500
The HP Designjet L25500 Printer featuring HP Latex Printing Technologies offers print service providers a solution that provides quality and durability comparable to eco-solvent inks, while reducing the impact of printing on the environment. Available in 42- and 60-inch models, the L25500 offers easy, low-maintenance printing of a wider range of applications than is possible with eco-solvent or traditional water-based printing alone.
images Engineering Printer (24-95 inches) Océ Color Wave 600
The Océ ColorWave 600 printer is based on a new printing technology called Océ CrystalPoint that combines the best of toner and inkjet printing. Using solid balls of toner that are converted into a gel, then jetted and crystallized onto any type of plain or recycled paper, prints are instantly dry and water fast. Print speeds are at least twice as fast as conventional inkjet systems. A superfast embedded controller ensures fast file processing, and the printer holds up to six rolls of media for excellent unattended productivity.
images Flatbed Printer HP Scitex FB950
The HP Scitex FB950 Printer is a high-volume flatbed UV printer that delivers high-quality output on a broad range of media for the production of durable outdoor and indoor applications. Designed to increase productivity and profitability, the printer helps print service providers accommodate a greater range of customer requests and grow their business with consistent, high-quality prints and media versatility. Six HP Scitex FB250 color inks and printheads with variable sized drops combine to produce great image detail—up to 1200x600 optimized dpi.
images Grand-Format Printer (96 inches+) HP Designjet L65500
The HP Designjet L65500 Printer featuring HP Latex Inks and HP Wide Scan Technology offers PSPs a versatile print system that can produce a wide range of applications. These technologies provide durable, odorless prints; sharp, vivid image quality; and high productivity, enabling PSPs to increase their print capacity and grow their business while reducing the impact of their printing on the environment.
images Solvent Printer (24-95 inches) Epson Stylus Pro GS6000
The Epson Stylus Pro GS6000 is a high-performance, solvent-based printer. Featuring Epson UltraChrome GS ink, the 64-inch wide roll-to-roll Stylus Pro GS6000 produces the industry’s widest color gamut, for unparalleled output quality on nearly any solvent-based media. It integrates features that enable sign makers to reduce total cost of ownership for greater profitability. With the ability to deliver outdoor banners, billboards, automotive bus wraps, construction and barricade signs, photographic tradeshow graphics, and more, the Stylus Pro GS6000 is a new generation of solvent printing.
images UV Printer (24-95 inches) Océ Arizona 350GT
The Océ Arizona 350 GT UV-curable flatbed printer uses Océ VariaDot imaging technology to deliver near-photographic image quality for nearly any application. Designed as a true flatbed system, it can print on a wide variety of rigid substrates and features a Roll Media Option for printing onto flexible media. It also includes a White Ink Option that can be added at the factory or in the field. It features production print speeds up to 239 square feet per hour on rigid media, enabling users to print nearly 60 full-sized (4x8-foot) boards in a single eight-hour shift.
images Banner Ultraflex JetFlex FL
JetFlex FL is recognized globally as the leading sign and banner media for its quality, consistency and value. For over a decade, printer manufacturers across have relied on JetFlex to show off their printer’s capabilities at tradeshows and events across the world. JetFlex is ideal for many types of vinyl signs and banners for eco solvent, solvent, UV and screen printing. It is available in 30-, 38-, 39-, 54-, 63-, 64-, 72-, and 80-inch widths.
images Eco-Friendly Ultraflex BIOflex FL
Environmentally friendly Ultraflex Systems, Inc. has internationally patented a completely biodegradable sign material called BIOflex that has revolutionized the sign industry globally. When exposed to conditions in a landfill (darkness, high heat, moisture and lack of oxygen) BIOflex attracts microbes that degrade the PVC within three to five years. BIOflex is available in widths of 54, 63, 72, 126, and 196 inches and is well suited for frontlit solvent and UV signs and banners.
images Fabric/Textile Junkers and Muller Mediatex
Mediatex is the new generation of digital printable Textiles/Fabrics. In each detail Mediatex is developed according the requirements of the graphic industry. Each product is the result from discussions with print providers who had a problem with conventional materials. Thus, a product line has arisen which will change the textile market place in the graphic industry. Mediatex = OekoTex = flame retardant including the inks of the print. Green and safety!
images Fine Art Hahnemuhle Photo Rag
Photo Rag is a white, 100 percent cotton paper with a smooth surface texture—guarantees archival standards. With its matte inkjet coating Photo Rag meets the highest industry standards regarding density, color gamut, color graduation and image sharpness while preserving the special touch and feel of genuine art paper. It is ideal for black and white images as well as color, and is compatible with pigment and dye inkjet systems.
images Fine Art Intelicoat Magiclée VERONA 250 HD
Magiclée VERONA 250 HD is a high definition fine art paper for digital imaging that, when printed, offers clean, sharp images with an exceptional color gamut. A 250-gram, smooth, matte finish, 100 percent cotton paper designed specifically for fine art applications, VERONA 250 HD has a water-resistant coating free of optical brighteners and is designed for use with dye, pigment, thermal and piezo printers.
images Rigid Xanita X-Board Print
X-Board “Print” is a lightweight board, which offers users a VOC-Free alternative to MDF, particle board and petrochemical-based foamed-core boards. X-Board’s high-crush strength paper core is manufactured from post-consumer recycled paper and sugar cane waste. Sandwiched between top and bottom layers of semi-rigid printable paper optimised for industrial flatbed UV inkjet printers, X-Board is best disposed of in paper-recycling bins after use. They can be mitre-cut, folded or curved, shape cut, canvas or fabric-wrapped, photo-mounted and fastened together with velcro, hot-melt adhesive or magnetic strips.
Universal Media Canson Infinity PhotoSatin Premium Resin Coated
PhotoSatin Premium Resin Coated consists of an alpha cellulose acid-free art paper coated with a structured polyethylene and a microporous receiver layer. The surface aesthetic of PhotoSatin Premium RC is reminiscent of the original photochemical papers traditionally associated with the Baryta market.

Vinyl Avery MPI 2005 Semi Gloss Easy Apply RS
Avery MPI 2005 Semi Gloss Easy Apply RS is a high performance calendered vinyl suitable for flat fleet and vehicle graphics, POP, trade shows and outdoor signage. This affordable 3.4 mil film has a white digitally optimized face film that makes images really pop with a semi gloss finish. Easy Apply RS Technology allows installers to easily slide and reposition the film and eliminate wrinkles and bubbles through air egress channels making installation quicker. Durability with an overlaminate is up to five years.



Vinyl ORAJET Series 3165RA Intermediate PVC Digital Media with RapidAir Technology
This 3.75 mil, five-year film is perfect for short to medium term applications over flat surfaces. Features Oracal’s exclusive RapidAir air release liner for quicker, easier applications, and a grey solvent-based permanent adhesive for covering power and durability. ORAJET 3165RA can be used for a variety of outdoor signage including short-term promotions, POP and exhibition graphics. Compatible with ORAGUARD 210 and 215


Inks & Toner
images Dye Sublimation Ink US Sublimation LFP ink
The key feature of US Sublimation’s LFP ink sets is its high dye load (up to 28 percent higher than other inks). The higher dye concentration results in a lower volume of water needed to deliver the color which in turn reduces cockling issues and dry time. Available in 15 different colors including fluorescents, US Sublimation LFP ink is known for reproducing rich vibrant reds and deep well saturated blacks making it a favorite of industrial manufacturers. US Sublimation inks comply with national and local regulations on heavy metal content such as ROhS.
images Solvent Ink Epson UltraChrome GS Ink
Epson UltraChrome GS ink is a solvent-based ink technology with eight individual colors that delivers virtually odorless printing without the need for special ventilation or air purification systems. The ink does not contain Nickel compounds, minimizing harmful impact on employees and the environment. Prints offer superior resistance to scratching and dry exceptionally fast, eliminating the need for special dryers.
images Solvent Ink HP 790
HP 790 low-solvent inks are designed to meet usage needs and, to avoid interruption, when an ink cartridge is low, the system can continue printing while the cartridge is replaced. With fewer interruptions, print service providers increase productivity.
images Toner Océ CrystalPoint Toner Pearls
Océ CrystalPoint technology combines the benefits of toner with the advantages of inkjet technology in a Solid In Solid Out process. The process starts with solid, spherical Océ TonerPearls toner. it is then converted into a gel, which is jetted and crystallized (instantly dry) onto any type of paper, producing crisp, water fast, high quality images with extremely accurate dot placement. Solid Océ TonerPearls are odorless and ensure no system contamination.
images Toner KIP KC80
The KIP Color 80 print system is designed for printing professionals who require high speed production of color and monochrome documents and graphics. Dry toner imaging—no ink • 2,000+ square feet per hour • Supports a broad selection of media types • Produces completely waterproof and lightfast images
images UV Ink Durst Rho Rigid Ink
Durst’s Rho Rigid UV Ink Set delivers accurate colors and excellent adhesion on acrylics, soft and hard foam board, polycarbonates, metal, wood and other building surfaces, PVC, and glass with no need for primers. They are VOC- and solvent-free, satisfying the strictest environmental regulations. And because of its higher pigment content, the Durst Rho Rigid UV Ink Set achieves results efficiently, with a thinner ink layer and less UV energy.
images Water-based Ink HP 70 Vivera Pigment Inks
HP 70 Vivera pigment inks offer outstanding image quality and fade resistance on a wide variety of photo and fine art media, along with water resistance on a range of HP creative and specialty media. HP’s Electrosteric Encapsulation Technology optimizes the pigment chemistry and ink properties for stability and performance to ensure a broad color gamut, print permanence, excellent gloss uniformity, and reliable, accurate, and consistent printing.
images Banner Stands Expand QuickScreen 3
The Expand QuickScreen 3 is Expand International’s most popular retractable display. This roll-up banner stand has an attractive, unique design which adds an extra dimension of exclusivity and strengthens the impact of your message. When your image needs to be changed, it can easily be replaced with a new one and its patented removable graphic cassette. You may choose from seven different accent colors to match your message. The telescopic pole allows the user to easily vary the height of the message from 63 inches to 88 5/8 inches. Widths include: 19 11/16 inches, 33 7/16 inches, and 39 3/8 inches.
images Laminates Avery DOL 1060 Gloss (formerly DOL 1000 Gloss)
Avery DOL 1060 Gloss overlaminate is a 2.1 mil cast film that is conformable to simple and compound curves for a wide variety of applications. DOL 1060 is a very popular choice, providing resistance to abrasion and scratching, UV protection and extended ink durability to digitally printed vinyl films, with a glossy, paint-like finish and 5-year durability.
images Laminating Equipment Seal 62 Base Laminator
The SEAL 62 Base is a pressure-sensitive machine with heat assist on the top roller that ensures superb results with a wide range of materials. Include the lower unwind/take-up option to easily encapsulate with pressure-sensitive films. The SEAL 62 Base delivers genuine flexibility and high performance levels for the small to medium sized user. With great capability at an affordable price, it provides the means to finish images and opens the door for creating more applications.
images Color Management Software Caldera EasyMedia
EasyMedia is Caldera’s integrated color management, color calibration and profile making solution, which will give you high quality and “on the mark” output. EasyMEDIA allows you to create ICC profiles for monitors, printers and scanners for guaranteeing color quality on the whole graphical chain.
images MIS Software Caldera Flow+
FLOW+ is a complete wide-format business workflow solution, which provides information and control from quote to invoice, while managing the production process, inventory analysis and planning, automation of the RIP, outsourcing, delivery notes, financial statistics, and accounting synchronization.
images RIP Software ONYX Production House
ONYX ProductionHouse software is designed for commercial shops running more than one printer in a production environment. With ONYX ProductionHouse software you can run four active printers and two simultaneous RIPs; get advanced support for flatbed and large format printers; print with aqueous, solvent or UV inks; profile your own media; get superior color consistency across devices; and easily implement an efficient white ink workflow.
images Wide-Format Scanner (24 inches+) Contex SD4450
The Contex SD4450 offers customers the best value, ease of use, and productivity for the money. The Contex SD large-format scanner series gives companies a way to save time on in-house scanning activities. Based on many of the technologies in the HD Series but redefined for tasks that do not require high-end specs, the SD Series brings speed, image quality and ease-of-use to in-house scanning tasks all at an excellent value. SD Series scanners are built to withstand daily high-volume use and are available in a sleek and lightweight design.
images Wide-Format Scanner (24 inches+) Graphtec CSX300-09HD
The CSX300-09HD large-format scanners are 24-bit, 36-inch-wide full-color scanners suitable for processing photographs, complex maps, and AEC/CAD drawings. The CSX300-09HD produces scanning speeds of 7ips (monochrome) and 3ips (full-color) when scanning at 400 dpi. Color and monochrome solutions for large-format scanning and copying featuring the world’s fastest scanning speeds with unbeatable accuracy.
Top Product
images Reader’s Choice Top Product VisualRIP+
VisualRIP+ from Caldera Graphics is a full featured production workflow solution for large-format print and print-to-cut, packed with intuitive and sophisticated features: Hotfolders, Drag and Drop, Nest-O-Matik, integrated ICC colour engine... The RIP software is entirely modular to meet your future production needs. It is easy to use, driving several printers simultaneously, with full control over which machine prints what and the easy ability to switch designated jobs to other queues.