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The New High Resolution Solara ionZ UV Printer

Why is the new Solara ionZ™ changing the printing game?
Gerber’s latest addition to the Solara ion™ family of UV flatbed printers, the Solara ionZ, offers the same breakthrough technology as the other printers in the Solara ion family including Gerber’s proprietary GerberCAT™ cationic UV inks and the Cold Fire Cure™ low energy, low temperature curing system. The matched technology of the Solara ionZ includes eight print heads that fire a 14 picoliter drop size, which allows the Solara ionZ to produce the highest print resolution in Solara ion product line. All Solara ion printers are completely upgradeable, eliminating the concern over technology obsolescence.

How can the Solara ionZ change your business?
The Solara ionZ can create indoor and outdoor point of purchase graphics, exhibit displays, backlit signs or any image that needs high resolution printing to generate strong gradients and flesh tones, all at a very aggressive price.

The New, More Powerful M Turbo Router

What are the new features of the M Turbo?
The M Turbo router is the newest member of the M Series of flatbed routers and cutters. The M Turbo has the same proven features the other M Series routers have, but it offers a powerful new 1 kw router that allows the M Turbo to cut and rout up to .080" aluminum, 1.0" MDO board, 1.0" wood, and 0.75" acrylic. In addition, the M Turbo’s new more powerful router
allows cutting of thinner materials exponentially faster than other M Series machines.

How does the M Turbo give you a strategic advantage?
The M Turbo provides routing, cutting, creasing, and it allows you to do your custom die cutting in-house. The M Turbo can help you complete applications like sample box making, cutting and trimming of banners, point of purchase signs, exhibit display, traditional signage and much more. In addition, Gerber brings the M Turbo to the top of the list with its complete turnkey system which allows you to purchase everything you need to begin production at one reasonable price.