Agfa Graphics Family of UV Inkjet Printers Company Profile

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The evolving sign-making marketplace has led the charge for improved turnaround time, higher quality and more economical solutions for printers that serve this segment of the printing market. In response, Agfa has steadily developed and invested in its portfolio of UV inkjet engines. Whether it’s a small sign shop that needs photo-quality signage or a high-volume operation requiring short run POP or other specialty printing, Agfa’s inkjet solutions provide the widest spectrum of capabilities, an array of new business opportunities and timely solutions to combat these potentially costly operational challenges. The :Anapurna line of wide format industrial C³-Systems inkjet printers are designed for indoor and outdoor signs & displays. These UV ink-curable engines provide quality printing on a wide variety of coated and uncoated rigid as well as on-roll media.

The :Anapurna family of industrial printers starts with the flagship :Anapurna M. With 14 picoliter printheads, the :Anapurna M delivers photo-quality output with sharp text and fine detail. With a resolution of 720x1440 dpi, this six-color printer is perfect for posters, billboards, POP displays, trade show panels, stage graphics, and banners up to 63 inches wide. Its borderless printing capability means no time lost cutting, less manpower and less wasted material.

The :Anapurna M4f is a robust, entry-level, four-color, industrial inkjet flatbed printer designed for printing high quality POP, displays, posters, exhibition panels, stage graphics, ad panels, and more. With a print resolution of 720x1440 dpi, the M4f prints on a large variety of media up to 63 inches wide. The optional roll-to-roll unit offers additional versatility.

The :Anapurna Mv is also a six-color printer but offers two extra varnish printheads, which allow for gloss effects to enhance the look and feel of the designs created on it. Spot varnish on specific areas of the image as well as overall varnish is easily achieved.

The newest :Anapurna systems, the :Anapurna M2 and :Anapurna Mw, extend beyond traditional sign and display applications with higher speeds and higher quality with an affordable investment. The :Anapurna M2 is designed with several automated features that increase productivity and enable the :Anapurna M2 to print at faster speeds, up to 247 sqft/hr. This includes a powerful fastscan motor driving a shuttle with six state-of-the-art Konica Minolta print heads at 1024 nozzles each. The printer has a unique vacuum-strength control system designed for smooth substrate transport even at high speeds. In addition, shuttle safety sensors protect the print heads allowing for variable substrate height and an ionizing bar that prevents electro-static loads on the substrate, which ensures optimum ink droplet positioning for the highest print quality. The maximum media width of the :Anapurna M2 is 63 inches. Plus, media loading is easy as the :Anapurna M2 uses automated media registration bars and head height adjustment for both roll-to-roll and rigid media.

The :Anapurna Mw, another newer addition to Agfa’s inkjet portfolio, adds single pass pre-white and multi-pass post-white to the :Anapurna M series. This creates new possibilities for printing on transparent material and backlit applications, or printing white as a spot color. White ink is also ideal for printing on colored or dark substrates. The Mw has a fully separated white ink-management system, a separate circulation system, a separate under-pressure-regulation and a separate cleaning circuit. In addition, the white ink tank is equipped with a stirring mechanism to keep the ink properly mixed at all times. The combination of photographic reproduction quality with white functionality makes the :Anapurna Mw a standout in the marketplace.

Agfa :Anapurna UV Ink

The :Anapurna UV inkjet inks are stable, fast curing and easy to handle. These digital inks print in sharp, vibrant colors on a wide range of flexible and rigid, coated and uncoated media. They offer an ideal solution for indoor and outdoor applications. :Anapurna inks have been formulated based on the highest quality pigments. This ensures high fade resistance for long-term indoor and outdoor applications. The benefits of the :Anapurna inks include excellent adhesion, scratch resistance and durability. They contain no VOCs and therefore the :Anapurna line of engines does not require any venting for heat control or odor.