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Enviroboard MR (Moisture Resistant)

Davinci Technologies has introduced Enviroboard MR (Moisture Resistant). This ridged, moisture-resistant board is a multi-ply alternative to traditional foamboard and corrugated plastic boards. Enviroboard MR is printable on two sides for indoor pop upright and hanging sign applications and is available in sheets for flatbed UV printing. Enviroboard MR is environmentally friendly because it is 100-percent recyclable and is also FSC-Certified.

The Color of KIP is Green

The greatest environmental impact of KIP products is through the operation the products and solutions. The company’s goal is to improve the customer experience by integrating environmental considerations into its business strategy—resulting in superior products.

Customers increasingly value environmental aspects of products, such as energy efficiency, emissions reduction and the ability to recycle exhausted supply containers. They differentiate their products by integrating such features to deliver a low total cost of ownership and an improved user experience.

In packaging, they strive to minimize the overall use of materials, utilize recycled and recyclable materials when possible, and reduce packaging size and weight to minimize transportation fuel impact.

KIP’s factories operate in full compliance with the strict code of the ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems Standard, which provides the requirements for organizations wishing to operate in an environmentally sustainable manner.

KIP printers and systems feature these Earth-conscientious aspects: Energy Star Qualified, ROHS compliancy, ISO 14001 standards, ozone emissions filters, UL/UL-C approved, 100 percent toner efficiency – no waste toner; organic, recyclable photoreceptors; recyclable toner containers; prints on recycled paper; and the automatic image rotation and media selection feature ensure minimal paper waste.

Neschen Pro Nature Program

The Neschen Pro Nature program reflects the company’s decades-long commitment to developing both manufacturing processes and products that are environmentally friendly. Two of the best examples of this program are Neschen SolvoTex Cotton Premium Light S and Heavy S Cotton is a completely renewable resource that is 100 percent degradable. Its warm, natural feel is ideal for indoor digital graphic applications and is an excellent alternative to synthetic fiber textiles. Neschen’s cotton textiles feature degradable coatings that produce vivid colors and deep blacks. When printed with environmentally friendly inks, users have a stunning graphic that is also totally earth-safe. Cotton Premium Light is a light linen weave, while Cotton Premium Heavy S is a heavy-linen weave. Both are made from 100 percent natural fibers—providing an earth-safe way to achieve photo-realistic print quality. These products are for indoor use only.