Finishing: 2009 Overlaminate Resource Chart

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Protect Your Investment

Specs on more than 300 wide-format overlaminates

When it comes to protecting something you’ve invested a lot of time, energy, and money in, you’re willing to go that extra mile, so to speak, to make sure nothing could damage it. The same is true for graphics. After all the work that goes into large graphic projects, the last thing anyone wants to do is re-run a job because it was damaged in some way.

Overlaminates provide a way to protect the graphic from the sun, weather, or graffiti or even add a special sheen or effect. We’ve compiled a list of over 400 different laminates from 13 manufacturers.

All of the products are listed under the manufacturer or their US authorized distributor and the resource chart includes all of the overlaminates currently available on the market. These should be available through the manufacturer directly, or through their sales channel.

The chart also lists key attributes of the products, from the type of film to thickness, adhesive types, activation temperatures, available widths, core sizes, finishes, and compatibility with various inks. All of the information was provided by the manufacturer. For more information about any of the products listed, please visit the company’s website.