Application Spotlight: Rock Signs

LA Digital Graphics is in the process of a major transformation from a wide-format print shop to an all-inclusive commercial design, graphics, and sign company. With the recent addition of a CNC router and an automated channel letter bending machine on its way, LA Digital Graphics is becoming a one-stop go-to company on the West Coast and beyond.

A project recently completed by LA Digital Graphics speaks to this newfound flexibility as the company decorated a new clothing store that’s opening soon in Hollywood. The store, which uses a rock n’ roll theme as its marketing edge, needed a main ID sign that would glow and attract attention at night, plus eye-catching window graphics that would conceal the construction going on inside.

The window graphics were printed on LA Digital Graphics’ ten-foot-wide solvent printer. Since the graphics are not permanent, LA Digital Graphics chose to print on FLEXmark V 400 F White V-237 Low Tack Vinyl from LexJet.

Carlos Souza, owner of LA Digital Graphics, says the window vinyl is a consistent winner for these types of projects since it’s easy to install and just as easy to remove. “We really like this vinyl for windows, as well as FLEXmark BILBRD BMV for wall murals. When you print to those materials you get great color saturation so the images pop more than other types of vinyl,” says Souza.

LA Digital Graphics also created the channel letters that adorn the store’s exterior. They’re made of brushed aluminum and acrylic and lit with white LEDs. In recent years, white LEDs have become more brilliant, reliable, and economical. In the not too distant past, the only LED color that offered those necessary characteristics consistently was red. Souza says that’s changed, and LEDs are a big hit, particularly in Southern California.

“We only use LEDs to light our signs. They are much safer and easier to install, and the city inspectors love LEDs. Once you tell an inspector you’re using LEDs, they sign off on the project right away,” says Souza. “They’re also better for the environment and the community as a whole. They use far less power than neon and are not a fire hazard. LEDs are more expensive, but they pay for themselves quickly since they use so little power.”