Getting Involved with Print Students

Giving back in some way, shape or form is something we all strive to do at some point in our lives. But did you know there’s a way to give back and enhance the print community?

The Graphic Arts Communication Advisory Commission is currently wrapping up its campaign for the current year. The headline program the commission sponsors is the annual Citywide Graphic Arts Competition, held for students all over the New York City area.

Students submit entries in one of several different categories, and the winners are invited to participate in the final rounds for prizes and recognition.

This competition is a great way for schools to give young minds access to all the benefits the graphic arts industry has to offer. Students will compete in Powerpoint Presentations, Desktop Publishing and Design, Web Site Design and Digital Photography. Offset Printing, a category in the past, was dropped because of a lack of entries.

Filmmakers and Digital Production
However, there are two new categories this year: Student Filmmakers, in which students submit a three to five minute video in the qualifying round and will be asked to create and give a pitch for their movie in the finals; and Digital Video Production, in which students in the final round will have four hours to script, shoot and edit a 30-second public service announcement.

The final round will take place at CityTech College in Brooklyn, N.Y. May 28.

This is where the print community comes in. The commission is looking for donations of money and items to put in the prize packages for the winning students this year. In addition, it is looking for volunteers from the printing industry for a variety of efforts, both on the day of the competition, and all year long.

Idea Exchange
On its Web site,, one of the features is a place where teachers and administrators in the schools can request the help they need, and people in the industry can find ways to get involved.

This is a great opportunity to connect with the next generation who will be impacting the industry, showing them what the graphic communications industry is all about, and why it is such a vibrant, exciting field to work in.

If you’re not in the New York City area, those interested can go to their local school system—they won’t turn away people looking to help educate the next generation and pass on knowledge and information to ensure their students are that much better prepared as they make the choices about what they want to be when they grow up.