Northeast TAPPI and PIMA Sections Unite To Serve New England and Canada

Empire State TAPPI and New York/Canadian PIMA have joined to form Empire State TAPPI/PIMA. The mission of the new organization is to provide service to individuals working in the pulp and paper, corrugated, nonwovens and packaging industries in the New England area, as well as parts of Quebec and Ontario.

“This combination is part of our continued streamlining of TAPPI and PIMA to better serve our members,” said Larry Montague, president of TAPPI. “The two organizations are to be commended for taking this important step in the future growth of TAPPI.” The announcement culminates more than three years of planning between the two groups, forming a single entity that represents partners in collaboration and will further create meaningful programs, social events and services to members.

“Because we have joined these two organizations we are now in a better position to provide more services, better programs and true value to our membership,” said Eric Ouderkirk of Nalco, immediate past chair of Empire State TAPPI and previous chair of New York/Canadian PIMA. “[Our] collaboration over the past several years has resulted in a deliverable to the local paper industry that is being valued and most importantly, utilized. We should have done it sooner.”

The organization created a new logo that combines identities from both associations and details the geographic area that will be served. It includes Connecticut, Maine, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Ontario and Quebec. The logo includes the brands of both TAPPI and PIMA and represents the combined interests served by the local section.