Application Spotlight: Turning Up the Heat

Customer: Caribou Coffee

Production Shop: 3 Ring Scenic

Ad Agency: Colle + McVoy

Location: Minneapolis, MN

Flight Date: January 3-31, 2011

Project: Create an attention grabbing advertising campaign for Caribou Coffee’s new “Hot ‘n Wholesome” menu


Ad agency Colle + McVoy recently launched a new campaign for Caribou Coffee’s new hot breakfast sandwiches which is part of its new “Hot ‘n Wholesome” menu. To celebrate the launch of the breakfast sandwiches nationwide, Caribou Coffee developed a media plan that included online and transit shelters in select markets. In Minneapolis, Caribou transformed transit shelters to larger-than-life warming ovens, complete with heating coils to keep commuters warm.

According to Brad Smith, production manager, Colle + McVoy, Caribou Coffee was looking to drive traffic to its stores in an effort to increase sales for the new Hot Breakfast Sandwiches which were launched nationwide in January. This forced Colle + McVoy to think of something that would be really attention getting—and a little out of the box.

"A big part of our culture here at the agency is to find a truly unique approach to consumer attention grabbing advertising. What’s the BIG idea? What MORE can we do here? These are the questions that we ask ourselves as we move through the creative concepting phase," said Smith."Bus shelter signage has been a part of our regular media tactics for Caribou Coffee, so it was a natural extension of that tactic to transform the shelters into a dynamic and interactive experience."

After getting client buyoff of the concept in early September 2010, Colle + McVoy moved into the production phase of the project. This included determining the overall budget available for the project and estimating the cost of production—and then partnering with the right partners and finding the right locations for the heated bus shelters.

"We partnered with CBS Outdoor (they sell the Bus Shelter ad space) and 3 Ring Scenic, a local production / props shop as well as a local wide-format printer for the posters and shelter glass imagery," said Smith.

The project took approximately three months to complete and went live in Minneapolis, MN on January 3, 2011. The heated bus shelters remained up for one month.