Editor's Note: More than Just a Crush

I love this industry. Not in the “I want to marry it and have its babies” sense, but in the “wow, the industry is simply so amazing and creative and fun” sense. Let me give you an example of why I’m continually reminded of just how awesome and creative the people are in this industry.

In mid-January, I was forwarded an email from a friend about some weird and wacky graphics that were appearing in Minneapolis. At first glance, it looked like someone had decided to enlarge an Easy Bake oven or toaster oven of sorts and put it on a street corner in Minneapolis as a joke. But then I looked at it a little more closely. It was no joke. Someone had actually constructed the entire bus shelter structure for an advertising campaign. So, I decided to see if I could track down some more information.

With the help of a prop house (3 Ring Scenic) and a wide-format print provider (PixelWerx), ad agency Colle + McVoy helped launch a new campaign for Caribou Coffee’s new hot breakfast sandwiches. The program included online advertising and transit / bus shelters in select markets. In Minneapolis, Caribou transformed transit shelters to larger-than-life warming ovens, complete with heating coils to keep commuters warm. It’s fun, unique, and very practical. I’m sure Minneapolis commuters appreciated the warm bus shelter in January when the weather was frigid. For more details about the project, make sure you turn over to page 51.

It’s examples like that, which continue to remind me—and wow me—at the sheer creative genius this industry employs and demonstrates on a daily basis. You can see the passion of the industry it in head-turning 3D billboards—like the one the Columbus Dispatch reported on in mid-February (the historic Atlas Building was transformed into a playground-in-the-sky showcasing seven children whose lives were saved or affected by Nationwide Children's Hospital. Follow this link for the article: bit.ly/gJxvh2)—to truly stunning paintings and photographs that adorn art galleries nationwide.

In this issue, we delve into the fine art market and interview wide-format PSPs who are working closely with artists to ensure their work is reproduced precisely the way the artist or photographer sees it. The evolution of printhead technology, inks, and media choices has truly given PSPs and fine artists a broad canvas from with to draw from to produce that perfect print. Turn to page 14 to see how PSPs from across the country are partnering with fine artists and photographers to produce beautiful artistic images and reproductions.

So I dare you: make me love this industry even more. If you can.