Application Spotlight: Make a Statement

Customer: Massimo Pizzoleo, industrial designer, and Toni & Guy 

Production Shop: Coloredge Los Angeles

Location: Costa Mesa, CA and Chicago, IL

Flight Date: July 2010-Current; March 2011

Project: Creating "history walls" for Toni & Guy’s flagship academy and then translate those walls into a trade show booth for ABS 2011

Printer: EFI Vutek GS3200, Durst Rho 500r


Massimo Pizzoleo, industrial designer came to Coloredge Los Angeles (previously Crush Creative) with a vision of creating the history walls for Toni & Guy’s flagship academy that opened in July 2010. He started with a vision and several hundred files. Massimo worked for days with Steve Brown, Coloredge Los Angeles' Creative Director to obtain the perfect look. Every single element in the walls was custom corrected/manipulated to create the varying effect and opacity to fulfill Massimo’s vision.

For the academy, Coloredge produced clear adhesive graphics that were second surface mounted to the custom .5-inch by 12-foot glass panels on site in Costa Mesa, CA. Additionally, Coloredge produced in excess of 3,000 sqft of AB vinyl for the shampoo bar, library and coffee bar for the academy.

Massimo took the history wall vision and created yet an even more incredible design for the Toni & Guy tradeshow booth for the ABS show in Chicago in March 2011. In order for Massimo to ensure his design was produced exactly as he expected, he created a small prototype model of the booth by hand. The booth was absolutely the most incredible display at the ABS show and outshined many of the industry competitors. For more on Massimo Pizzoleo, view his website at


Project Scope

Coloredge printed the large clear walls on its Vutek GS3200 on client supplied .25-inch thick polystyrene panels. The interior Coroplast walls were cut to size with numerous sized Toni & Guy cad-cut logos applied. Various banners were produced of Artex on Coloredge's Durst Rho at custom(critical) trapezoid dimensions, edges were finished with weight tape to ensure proper angle for hanging. Numerous cad-cut logos were applied to the stage and tables throughout the booth. Custom white poplin curtains in a trapezoid shape helped designate meeting spaces.



The .25-inch polystyrene was supplied cut to size. Each of the 10 walls consisted of two pieces of 46x59-inches to obtain the needed 118-inch height that is not available in stock size over 96 inches. Coloredge had to create precision files and a special “sled” to print direct to board on the GS to ensure proper registration not only between the two panels per wall, but also the panels on either side.

The custom trapezoid shape for the banners was critical to the client to ensure proper hang to create the dynamic view from the front as the backdrop for the stage.

The client files and material were received on Tues and shipped on Friday.