Application Spotlight: Animals Invade TV News Satellite Truck

Customer: WZZM-13

Production Shop: Source One Digital

Location: Grand Rapids, MI

Flight Date: Fall 2010

Project: Create a news truck wrap entry for ArtPrize 2010

Source One Digital had to tame a menagerie of animals for a larger-than-life satellite news truck wrap.WZZM-13 contacted Source One Digital to produce an entry for ArtPrize 2010, a Grand Rapids art event that is among the fastest growing in the country and draws attendees from all over the world. WZZM-13 partnered with local artist Kevin Zimmer for his creative ideas and designs, and the first-ever wild animal news crew was born. His artistic rendering transformed into a life-like craze in the hands of the Source One Digital team.

"We started with thumbnails from Zimmer, then measured the panels to make sure everything lined up and we had each animal in full news swing," said Jim Freed, vice president of Digital Sales. That includes the doors in the artwork, which open where the actual doors are. "Zimmer drew the final artwork on a tablet, while our production team produced patterns and color-matched the white and cream colors in the artwork to blend seamlessly with the color of the vehicle."

Source One Digital produced the wild graphics utilizing one of seven grand-format solvent printers, then cut and finished the piece using their Zünd iCut systems. The final step—installation—was completed by the Source One Digitals vehicle wrap specialist. The satellite news truck was kept under tight security until the launch of Art Prize 2010, when the news animals took to the streets in their newly transformed Breaking News Ape Truck.

"This was a very fun project because it allowed us to showcase the full range of services we offer," said Randy Crow, president, Source One Digital. "This demonstrates that we can add the 'wow' to anything our clients want to achieve."

Continuous news coverage, contestant photos, and word-of-mouth from ArtPrize crowds made the animal truck the hit of ArtPrize 2010.

"Digital printing continues to explode into all aspects of our world and now the fine art community is discovering that digital printing can achieve dynamic colors in any size, shape, or color. From giant satellite trucks, wall murals, displays to asphalt graphics—whatever application it calls for, we can print it," said Crow.

The Breaking News Ape Truck served as a mobile venue for WZZM-13 for the duration of ArtPrize and continues to cover breaking news all over West Michigan. The impact of the graphics are still as ape crazy today as when it took to the streets in fall 2010.

"Ideas that deliver the wow—that’s what Source One Digital looks forward to each and every day," said Crow.