A Welcome Portal

Until a year or so ago, I hadn’t thought about portals for more than 30 years. Back then, I was editor of the United Mine Workers Journal and had developed an interest in the history of the coal industry. One of the major early advances was the advent of “portal pay.” Until then, miners had not been paid for the time it took them to get from outside the mine to the working face, even though it could take an hour each way. Thus “portal-to-portal” pay was a major deal.

Webster’s offers a more modern definition of a portal: “A website designed to provide access to numerous other sites and, variously, email services, online shopping, etc.” For QP and its sister publications Printing News and Wide-Format Imaging, portals—as defined in the above Webster’s definition—became a really big deal in early April. After months of planning and construction, the MyPrintResource portal was launched. It provides access to all of the information and services previously available on the individual websites.

You can find news, articles, videos, podcasts, blogs, our buyers guide, and much, much more at MyPrintResource.com. We have integrated our social networks into the site, which also supports mobile browsing. You can comment on articles or join discussions with others in the industry. In my experience, this is the most exciting, vibrant, and comprehensive website in the industry. Visit www.MyPrintResource.com and click on the introductory video to learn more.


A Sad Farewell

The quick printing industry lost two pioneers within days of each other. Frank Schochet, founder of Insty-Prints, died March 26 at the age of 96. Kwik Kopy founder Bud Hadfield died April 11 at the age of 87. I knew Frank and his wife Freda, but only met them after they had retired from the printing industry. I knew Bud and Mary Hadfield much better because I saw them each year at the ICED conference and corresponded with Bud regularly until a year or so ago when his health began declining.

A couple of years ago, Karen spent some time with Frank at a celebration in Shreveport, LA, for Jim and Gene Elliott’s 25th anniversary as Insty-Prints franchisees. She found him “charming, challenging, and thoroughly delightful.” That sounds a lot like Bud, too. These two pioneers will be remembered and will be deeply missed. They don’t make them like that anymore.