Editor's Note: My Print Resource

I know over the past several months—maybe for as many as six months—I've been hinting that there were big things in the works. Last Spring, we launched the new Online Buyers' Guide and Product Guide which was our first step toward developing a new portal website which would bring together the three audiences served by our three brands—Wide-Format Imaging, Quick Printing, and Printing News.

At the beginning of April, the new MyPrintResource.com portal website launched on a brand new website platform developed by our corporate IT staff. This site is the ultimate resource for the graphic arts industry, providing all the latest news and business intelligence you need to run your business more efficiently and aid you in making wiser and more strategic business decisions.

Why MyPrintResource? To put it simply: it's all about you—our readers and subscribers. We wanted to build a place—a resource—where you could get all of your industry news, information, research, videos, podcasts, blogs, and product reviews in one place. And we also wanted to combine all of your social media connections—Facebook (on.fb.me/fktsva), LinkedIn (linkd.in/hljSIT), Twitter (bit.ly/dWG9Iv), just to name a few—to make it easy for you to share stories and communicate with other industry professionals.

The new site encourages participation and community. See a story you like: share it via email, via one of the social media sites, or even post a comment about it. Do you like a product? Tell people about it. Let them how you've used it and how it's helped your business to grow.
Interested to see what people are reading: take a look at the most popular section on the home page. It lists the top stories on the site based on what people are reading.

And the Online Buyers' Guide and Product Guide is still available. It gives you quick access to all of the products in the graphic arts marketplace and an easy way to request more information.

Make sure you register for the site. Registering is free and it will give you access to MyPrintResource.com member-only content and make requesting information and commenting a much faster process.

So check it out. Tell us what you think about it and how we can make it even better for you. MyPrintResource.com is your print community, your source for business critical information and social interaction.