Wise Words From 2009

Well, we’ve kicked 2009 to the curb. To paraphrase the old You Are There TV show, “It was a year like all years, filled with those events that alter and illuminate our times.” No doubt, lots of folks will be compiling lists of significant 2009 events, so there’s no need to duplicate their efforts. However, another sort of retrospective might be in order. In every issue of QP we have the Update section, which features industry news and events. It also has a quote on each page about something relevant to our industry. Herewith, a sampling of relevant quotes from 2009:

“Because our business has become more competitive and complex, a business plan is more important than ever.” From Sir Speedy’s Original Copy

“Sales competency, or the lack thereof, has become a huge issue for our industry and these times are quick to expose those with deficiencies.” NAPL VP Mike Philie in NAQP Network News

“Prospects will change suppliers only if the benefits outweigh the risks.” Consultant Peter Ebner in NAPL Business Review

“There are substantial opportunities that exist in print if we recognize our future business opportunities are more than just ink and toner on paper.” NPES president Ralph Napi in NPES News

“Chasing sales with low, unprofitable prices will not sustain a firm in bad times.” PIA economist Ronnie Davis in the 2009 PIA Forecast

“If you think customers are a pain and always want something for nothing, that attitude will permeate your company, and service will be lousy.” Guy Kawasaki in Entrepreneur

“Today’s global environmental concerns are not a trend—they are a reality.” GASC president Ralph Nappi

“Price reductions cause serious problems when times get better.” Consultant Jack Trout in Deliver Magazine

“The easiest way to maintain and even increase your sales during this recession is to achieve a larger share of your existing clients’ purchasing.” Mercury Media owner Jay Vickers in Graphics Update

“If you are not doing well, then you need to restructure your print business and get out of survival mode as soon as possible.” QP columnist Debra Thompson in High Speed Copy News

From all of us at Quick Printing, Happy New Year!