Rotary Tooling Option Expands Cutter/Slitter Capabilities
Programmable cutter/slitters have become increasingly popular, especially with companies producing small quantity and/or personalized orders with digital printing equipment.

Most cutter/slitter models were introduced when the product range requirements were very limited, usually consisting of business cards, post cards, and greeting cards.

Today the range of products being produced has increased dramatically and, in many cases, early generation cutter/slitters are unable to process these products.

The Zip-A3E has been specifically designed to handle the expanded range of products and formats. In particular, a wide range of specialized rotary tooling has been developed to maximize flexibility.

Products as narrow as 1" wide can be slit with .125" gutter cut blades with a minimum crosscut product length of 1.5". This allows standard size business cards to be run 24-up (landscape) or 25-up (portrait). This also allows “mini-business cards” (approx. 1" x 2.75") to be run using common formats (40-up with eight cards across the sheet, in five rows).

The 1.5" minimum crosscut length also allows tickets to be run landscape through the Zip-A3E with crosscutting, inline slitting, and perforating performed in a single pass.

Greeting cards and other folded products can be run crosscut and edge slit with a traditional score or a semi-slit at the fold line. Score or semi-slit depth is fully adjustable.

Individual pre-configured rotary tooling cassettes offer unmatched flexibility, accuracy, and reliability. For example, when running 40-up mini-business cards, nine gutter cut slitting blades are mounted in a cassette. This capability is unmatched.

On the Zip-A3E, using rotary tooling cassettes, change over between saved job formats requires less than a minute and does not require the use of any tools.

As you can see, the Zip-A3E is a unique production machine that is ideally suited to crosscut and inline slit, score, perforate and/or semi-slit the widest possible range of multiple-up digital products quickly, accurately, and reliably.