The key to success in today’s challenging economy is streamlining every aspect of your business from submission through production. EFI understands this and is ready to help you choose and deploy the management tools and workflow solutions to increase your competitive advantage.

Market Leading MIS Solutions and Fiery Connectivity
EFI PrintSmith is a powerful, flexible, and feature-rich management information solution designed to meet the needs of the digital, on-demand, quick printing, sign, and small commercial environment. Utilizing a modular approach, customers can choose a solution that fits their business size and budget.

“What used to take us 20 minutes before, now takes 5-10 minutes with EFI PrintSmith, which is a huge savings. Not only can we process orders more quickly, they are more accurate. Together with the intelligence we gather from the reporting features, the system literally pays for itself!”
– Todd Warren, owner, MPI Commercial and Digital Printing

EFI Pace offers end-to-end print shop and production management for mid-sized commercial and specialty printers. Using an appliance model, EFI Pace has modules for estimating, scheduling, production, accounting, e-commerce, and iPhone remote access.

“Previously, our estimates were based on what we thought was accurate historical data, but putting the Pace system in place has forced us not only to learn our true costs but to learn where those costs occur. For the first time, we were forced to do zero-based costing, and we now have a much better appreciation of what makes money and what does not.”
– Patrick Nugent, AdColor

PrintSmith and Pace integrate directly with EFI Fiery-driven output devices for job ticketing and data collection, allowing even greater productivity improvements.

Award Winning Web-to-Print
With integration to PrintSmith and EFI Pace, Digital StoreFront is EFI’s Web-to-print platform that provides an on-ramp for customers to connect with their preferred print service provider. It offers an intuitive e-commerce interface and powerful back-end automation as well as direct integration to EFI Fiery-driven devices.