Affordable Plate Making Adds Value for the Small Commercial Printer…

By Mark Baker-Homes

Imagine a metal plate CtP system that is priced at almost half the cost of other systems. Now imagine that this system is well made, reliable, and is aimed at the small printer or in-plant, enabling them to reduce costs and save time and labor. In addition, the system is environmentally friendly—providing the added benefit of allowing these small print shops to promote new, greener services.

Does it sound too good to be true? Well, it is true. Glunz & Jensen, the world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of prepress processing equipment, delivers exactly that with its PlateWriter Series—a low cost, chemistry and processor-free CtP solution for small commercial printers, quick printers, and in-plants.

Finding the Solution
The Danish processor giant Glunz & Jensen, renowned for designing and manufacturing CtP processors for companies such as Agfa, Fuji, Kodak, and Heidelberg, has turned its attention to the small commercial printer with the introduction of the lowest priced range of metal CtP kits yet. The result of their attentions is a high quality, affordable, easy-to-use, zero maintenance, chemistry-free platemaking solution.

Over the past 18 months, through these difficult economic times, over 350 iCtP PlateWriter 2000/2400 systems have been shipped worldwide. iCtP’s inkjet systems have established a strong foothold alongside the industry recognized standard thermal and violet CtP systems. And Glunz & Jensen’s engineers continue to refine, improve, and enhance the technology based upon research, testing, and customer feedback.

Keeping it Simple with the PlateWriter
Typical of Scandinavian design, Glunz & Jensen uses a remarkably simple approach to platemaking. The PlateWriter uses advanced inkjet technology to add a press-ready image directly onto the metal plate. And…that’s it…NO photosensitive diazo or photopolymer coating to remove, NO light sensitivity or chemical processing, NO costly chemical disposal charges, and NO time wasted cleaning processors.

After the plate is imaged, the user passes it through the integrated finishing unit, which cures the image into the grain of the plate and gums the plate, making it ready to use on press immediately or to store for later use. This technique of platemaking makes iCtP one of the most environmentally friendly ways to make plates today!

Technology SHOULD Be Simple
All Glunz & Jensen PlateWriters operate as simply as a desktop printer, in normal daylight, and employ an optical registration system that delivers metal plates suitable for single color, spot color, or full-color work. It also enables plate sizes to be changed without adjusting any settings. All of this gives true flexibility in multi-format press shops or in-plants.

Additionally, digitally imaged plates offer the accuracy for near perfect positioning and registration on press, in less time and with less waste material.

A Total Solution
By using low cost inkjet technology, Glunz & Jensen is able to provide a low cost, efficient tool to support the business goals of in-plant and small commercial printers.

  • The PlateWriter is designed for the smaller printer who is looking to be environmentally aware, but not wanting to pay a high price for doing so.
  • By eliminating all chemicals and processing the PlateWriter significantly reduces time and cost.
  • The Glunz & Jensen PlateWriter delivers industry standard metal plates with no special pressroom conditions.
  • Digitally imaged plates are positioned correctly every time, so there is less wasted time positioning jobs on press.
  • The aluminum plates are recyclable, so you can actually get money back!

All of this makes the PlateWriter one of the most desirable, CtP solutions for printers today—and more so, when you consider the PlateWriter costs only $25,000*, including a Harlequin RIP, RIP workstation, and support for the current range of Epson proofing printers.

* Price excludes delivery and installation