Decorative Packaging Entices Customers

A wide variety of decorative packaging for candies, foods, snacks, soaps and similar products available off-the-shelf and custom designed is being introduced by Mason Box Co. of North Attleboro, Mass.

\Mason Decorative Packaging features a wide variety of standard boxes and insert options which can be mixed and matched and customized with full-color printing, hot stamping and embossing to meet specific requirements.

Designed to distinguish candies, foods, snacks, soap and cosmetics, this packaging can include molded inserts, padded separators, clear PVC covers and solid covers with loose- or bundle wrap for a gift-wrapped appearance. It is available with printing on the PVC covers and inserts, as well as the solid covers.

Mason Decorative Packaging can feature holiday images, team logos and corporate event identifiers. Solid boxes are offered in standard red, white, gold and copper colors, in sizes from 1-7/8 inches x 9/16 inches and up. Standard boxes are in stock for 1/4 lb., 1/2 lb. and 1 lb. candy, and custom packaging can be developed for a 500-piece minimum order.