PagePath Technologies Offers IdeaExchange for Printers

In an effort to constantly improve communications with printers and foster strong business growth, PagePath Technologies has launched a new “social network” for printers called the IdeaExchange.

The Web-based version of the IdeaExchange greatly improves the ability for MyOrderDesk users as well as other print and marketing service providers to share ideas, suggestions or problems that arise in the day-to-day operations of a printing company, according to PagePath.

Users can post questions to organized forums, search solutions, or just interact with their peers as well as with the PagePath team.

Here are some of the benefits the new IdeaExchange offers:

  • Organized forums;
  • Searchable content;
  • Print-related video content;
  • Ability to post and read blog articles;
  • Constant updates from PagePath Technologies;
  • Customizable profiles to better know your peers;
  • Subscribe to e-mail or RSS updates;
  • Post and rate ideas for print product improvement;
  • Post and share special events at your company;
  • Designed as a social network specific to printers.

To join PagePath’s new IdeaExchange, visit