DirectSmile Adds To Creative Library

DirectSmile, the inventor of image personalization, added the 700th set to its creative library last month. By expanding and creating such an extensive library, DirectSmile offers customers endless possibilities and enhanced personalization to campaigns.

“It is a great milestone for DirectSmile to announce our 700th set,” said Ed Ickowski, director of Business Development for DirectSmile. “We have been working towards this goal for months by creating an average of three-five sets per week. All the hard work has paid off.”

DirectSmile products come standard with 15 sets. The comprehensive library features 700 motifs available for purchase to use with an individual customer or a vertical market. The images are unique to DirectSmile and boost customer campaigns to the next level of personalization.

The 700 sets offer endless creative possibilities. There are hundreds of images in 12 different categories including: animals, building and architecture, business, celebrations and holiday, food, illustration, leisure and entertainment, nature and landscape, objects, people, sports, travel and transport. The availability of such a rich collection of images provides DirectSmile customers with the tools to jump into image personalization without heavy support from graphic designers. This can help defray the cost to produce initial campaigns and provide an instant return on investment.

Additionally, DirectSmile offers the ability to change fonts to fit the campaign. Fonts in the library include system fonts, picture fonts, picture in picture fonts, and clip fonts. These fonts are used in association with the picture and personalization unique to each campaign. Through the use of algorithms, customers can set the parameters for each font so that each letter is unique in presentation.

DirectSmile continues to expand its set library by creating three-five sets a week, and an average of 20-30 per month.