Accrú Consumable Rebate System Reduces Customer Equipment Costs

Tech Equipment Finance Inc. of Mesa, AZ, announces the official launch last month of the Accrú Consumable Rebate System. Accrú is designed to offset the cost of equipment that customers may finance or lease, by up to 25 percent.

The Accrú Consumable Rebate System was developed exclusively by TechEFI to help develop loyalty between participating equipment vendors and their customers. This creative rebate program allows TechEFI lease customers to set aside a percentage of their ongoing consumable purchases toward the pay-off of their equipment lease. The rebate discounts are provided by participating vendors and/or suppliers and will be managed by Accrú, a third-party rebate management company and subsidiary of Tech Equipment Finance Inc.

“Although consumable rebate programs are not new to the graphic arts printing industry, most programs have been exclusive to either the equipment manufacturer or the finance company that sponsored the program,” said Mike Rose, vice president of sales and marketing for TechEFI. “Accrú is a truly universal rebate system and will work for any customer, any vendor or any funding source.”

Laurent Associates International, a business and channel development consulting firm for the display graphics industry, has been selected to facilitate the roll-out of Accru via a nationwide network of equipment manufacturers and resellers.

“Many printing industry buyers have a negative impression of rebate programs and relate them with high payments and overpriced consumables from the vendor… well, Accrú eliminates this problem,” said Lou Laurent, president of Laurent Associates International.

In addition, Laurent said, “Equipment vendors receive full funding for the equipment sale at the time of delivery and acceptance while customers accrue a percentage of their ongoing consumable invoices toward the payoff of their equipment lease. In many cases, the vendor is already discounting to the customer and will have no need for additional discounts. Why would a customer want to buy consumables from a vendor or supplier that does not offer Accrú Rebates?”

The customer, or end user, does not have to rely solely on the equipment vendor for Accrú Rebates. The vendor may have strategic supply partners that wish to participate by contributing their invoice discounts to the customer’s Accrú account which helps to pay down the lease as well. Customers may also designate specific suppliers that they have existing relationships with.

The Accrú Consumable Rebate Program offers a wide array of benefits for the vendor and customer such as:

  • Reduced equipment costs
  • Reduced production and inventory costs
  • Reduced interest rates
  • Improved customer-vendor loyalty
  • Improved long-term customer relations
  • Improved upgrade path to new equipment
  • Easy upgrade path for new equipment