PIA Launches Green Guide

Printing Industries of America unveiled ‘The Green Guide for Graphic Communications: Growing and Profiting through Sustainability,’ a free, members-only online resource to help printers and packaging houses capitalize on their environmentally responsible performance.

The Green Guide includes the most comprehensive environmental self-assessment tool available to date, to printing companies. The tool enables a printing facility to accurately assess its green performance across a range of criteria; to use this assessment to establish a niche position in the marketplace; and to effectively communicate its “green” story to prospects, customers, and other stakeholders.

The Green Guide offers information, guidance, and resources that can help printers:

  • Market their green profile to increase business
  • Make appropriate and credible green claims
  • Better understand third-party certification and eco-labels
  • Communicate their green position effectively with customers, prospects, and other stakeholders
  • Effectively use public relations as a means of increasing exposure for their companies
  • Identify and take advantage of green marketing opportunities in the marketplace.

“PIA developed The Green Guide in order to help our members find new ways to increase revenue,” said Michael Makin, president and CEO of PIA. “This unique resource can help printers grow their business by actively marketing their sustainability efforts, attracting new customers, and building a buzz about their company in both the local and national media.”

PIA members can access The Green Guide to Graphic Communications by visiting www.printing.org/greenguide. Graphic communications companies that are not members can contact PIA’s member services department at (800) 910-4283 or e-mail membershipmanager@printing.org to learn how they can join.