Kodak and Arden Join Forces For 3D Packaging

A strategic alliance between Kodak and Arden Software brings 3D prototyping and structural design solutions to the packaging market. Arden’s Impact structural design applications will integrate with Kodak’s Prinergy Powerpack Workflow to facilitate the packaging production workflow from product design through to print production.

Arden is a provider of structural design and manufacturing software for its related pre-production workflow management solutions for the packaging industry. Through this collaborative marketing and selling agreement, Kodak and Arden will combine forces to market, sell and implement the complementary product portfolios which extend from the structural design and production management software solutions to Kodak’s CTP, proofing products and consumables.

“As companies strive to reduce the impact of packaging on the environment, the use of structural design software to facilitate product redesign and prototyping is growing,” said Steve Miller, product manager, Packaging Workflow, Kodak. “The alliance is intended to address this trend and help brand owners and package printers bring redesigned products to market more quickly. Kodak is excited to tie Arden’s Impact structural design applications with Kodak Solutions, offering customers a seamless workflow solution from product design through to print production.”

This alliance includes utilizing implementation teams from both companies to meet specific customer requirements. “By focusing on the customers’ needs to streamline their operations and improve efficiencies, we see this alliance as providing world-class solutions that enable packaging companies to optimize their business performance,” explained Martin Poynter, managing director of Arden Software.