Interfilm To Distribute NanoPack Coatings

Interfilm Holdings Inc., a national value-added distributor of thin gauge plastic films, signed a distributor agreement with NanoPack Inc. of Wayne, Pa. NanoPack developed proprietary barrier coatings that substantially improve existing methods of creating clear barrier films used in packaging consumer products such as foods.

NanoPack’s NanoSeal substantially enhances oxygen and aroma barriers, and is adaptable to a variety of substrates and printing methods, while delivering multiple environmental advantages. Additionally, NanoSeal can reduce the cost of traditional barrier packaging structures.

“NanoPack’s products provide a proprietary and elegant solution for many barrier film applications and we expect these films to be quickly adopted in the market,” said Donnie Thompson, president and CEO of Interfilm.

NanoPack, which began research in 2005, became operational in late 2008. The agreement provides Interfilm with NanoPack’s distribution rights within the United States and Canada for three years.

“Interfilm represents a viable and economical means of covering the market with a staff of experienced and highly motivated experts,” explained Howard Kravitz, president and CEO of NanoPack. “This addition to our existing sales force allows us to blanket the market.”

Interfilm’s products include polyester, polypropylene, polystyrene, cellophane, brushed films, compostable films and metal adhesion films. The company markets encompass labels and graphic arts, flexible packaging, folding carton, envelopes, flexible HVAC ducts and industrial films.